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A bathroom refreshed in the Bay of Plenty


Tiled bathrooms are generally easy to maintain. However, time can cause grout to become discoloured, minor water ingress to make the odd tile come loose, and silicone to become mouldy – all of which can leave the homeowner to think that costly replacement is the only solution. That is not the case. This bathroom in Tauranga is typical of what GroutPro deals with every day. A deep clean of all surfaces to remove any oils, soap, and mould, then replacement/recolouring of the grout as necessary, replacement of broken or missing tiles, and replacement of the silicone make the room as good as new. This refurbishment had the bathroom out of action for only a few days compared to the few weeks it would take to completely gut and rebuild. Better still the cost was a fraction of a complete bathroom renovation. GroutPro are specialists at bringing tiled areas back to life.

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