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We Have Franchise Opportunities Available

Thinking of setting up your own business? Then we should talk. We think you’ll love being part of our team. We’re committed to helping Kiwis work for themselves, be financially independent and enjoy a rewarding work/life balance. And we think of our franchisees as members of our extended Whanau.

Becoming a ProGroup franchisee is a great launchpad for building a successful business. We’ll help you hit the ground running by giving you the very best training and technical assistance. We’ll assign you an area that already has high demand for your services and give you the leads you need to get clients, fast. You’ll get support from head office, our national advertising campaigns and your own marketing collateral that have a proven high conversion rate.

As a member of The Franchise Association of New Zealand, you can rest assured we follow best practice when it comes to franchising. We recommend you also visit their website to find out more about buying a franchise – www.franchiseassociation.org.nz/buying-a-franchise.

Joining the ProGroup Whānau

Here are just a few of the reasons to join The ProGroup.


You’ll get to work from home or in your local area. You’ll be your own boss and call the shots. You’ll be able to make the business work for you and have true work/life balance.

Technical Training
& Assistance

If you have never run a business before, no problem. We’ll give you the systems and training so you can quickly gain the skills and confidence to run a successful business. But if after the first morning of training you decide The ProGroup isn’t for you, you’re free to walk away – no questions asked.

National Lead

Our advertising on TV, online and social media generates over a thousand leads per month that are passed to the relevant franchisee. So we’re always looking for ways to find you more business.


We’ve got the systems in place to make running a business for the first time, a whole lot easier. Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds and work histories like sales, hospitality, shopkeeping, painting and even the police force. If you’re great with people and have some good DIY skills, you’ll probably find the transition a real breeze.

Proven Business
Building Techniques

We’ll train and support you to stand on your own two feet. We’ll show you how to build a business, to market it successfully, find quality customers and maximise job conversion. You’ll also learn how to service existing customers and generate repeat business. We won’t be looking over your shoulders 24/7, but we’re here whenever you need us.

Great Team

You’ll join a bunch of franchisees and a dedicated support team who make up our awesome group. They’ll support you along the way, so you’ll really know you’re not alone. They are more than business friends and colleagues, they are the heart of The ProGroup family.


  • Why buy a franchise over starting a business from scratch?

    When you buy a franchise you are buying a readymade business format that someone else has researched and developed for you. It’s like buying someone else’s bright idea – one that someone else has already proved does actually work!

    The time and cost of setting up a new business from scratch is huge and often underestimated. While you may be a fantastic at a particular part of business, design of a brand, creating a website, creating stationery, setting up email and social media accounts, advertising, creating systems, managing customers, compliance with legislation such as Health & Safety, small business accounting, to name a few are all necessities of business. Buying a franchise provides all of these ready to go.

    It is proven that only 15% of small small businesses survive their first two years of operation, whereas franchise businesses have a 90% chance of succeeding. This is mainly due to the support and proven systems provided by the franchise group.

  • Why buy a franchise from The ProGroup?

    Because the market demand for The ProGroup range of franchise services is absolutely massive. Our tried and tested marketing materials will enable you to begin finding customers from day one and continue to bring in a steady stream of customers and work as your business thrives. Many potential customers can be identified from the street and our targeted marketing material is used to approach those customers directly, as well as media advertising, direct marketing materials, online ads, trade and market day displays and so much more.

  • Can I have multiple income streams?

    Each ProGroup franchise offers multiple income streams from the range of services offered by The ProGroup. Our specially designed business systems have been created to contain a number of services that each franchise offers that takes the worry out of seasonal work, so that you’ll have year-round sales leads and business.

  • How profitable is a franchise with The ProGroup?

    We have ensured that our proven business system and high demand service offerings provide you with great profit margins. For example, $80 - $120+ per hour rates are regularly achieved for most of the services we offer. We will expect you to be working in your franchise a minimum of 30 hrs per week but at the end of the day this will be your business and what you earn is largely up to you and your efforts.

  • Do you have what it takes?

    Of course you do! At The ProGroup we provide a comprehensive training program plus all the tools and equipment necessary to run a successful business. The work itself is very teachable with no specific, special skills required making your efforts versus volume of work very profitable. If you have an eye for detail, are quality focussed, have good DIY skills, and are a people person then we want to talk to you. The vast majority of our franchise owners have had no prior experience in the type of work they now do. They all simply have a desire to work for themselves.

  • What is your investment?

    Franchises are available between $15k and $40k. That investment includes everything you need such as, tools, training, products, sales and marketing material but does not include a van and office equipment. No experience is needed as we’ll teach you everything you need to know. As a return on your investment you’ll become your own boss, call the shots, make your own hours, spend time getting to know the people in your community, gain valuable time with family and an improvement to your work / life balance while you escape the 9-5 corporate outlook for a new lifestyle.

Current opportunities

GroutPro is a unique business providing after installation maintenance and restoration of all tiled areas. The services we provide are those that traditional tilers simply do not want to offer hence there is little competition.

We are looking for quality conscious individuals with great DIY skills and a great personality, and a real desire to work for themselves in a growth market. You don’t need to have any tiling skills – we’ll teach you everything to need to know. You will make an excellent weekly income and enjoy the satisfaction of a ‘job well done’ while backed up by a quality nationwide brand. As a GroutPro franchisee you are able to offer a service to consumers that is truly unique and in HUGE DEMAND!

GroutPro franchisees are also trained and kitted out to offer the GaragePro range of services at no additional cost. That is a totally separate income stream for free!

If you are in a position to to invest in a new business, find out how you can become a certified GroutPro Specialist by downloading a free information pack below.

GroutPro franchise territories available

North Island


Hawkes Bay

Tauranga (existing resale)

South Island



Simply enter your details below to instantly download your FREE information pack.

Deck&FencePro is our outdoor timber restoration business. From restoring decks, fences, and outdoor furniture to their former glory, to repairs, rebuilds, and new builds, there is always plenty of work around a residential property. Homeowners are too busy to do this work themselves and will pay for a quality result.

Deck&FencePro franchisees are also trained and kitted out to offer the GaragePro range of services for no extra cost, and have the option to also offer GrassPro.

We are looking for quality conscious individuals with awesome DIY skills, a people focussed personality, and a real desire to work for themselves while making an excellent weekly income and enjoying the satisfaction of a ‘job well done’ while backed up by a quality nationwide brand. As a Deck&FencePro franchisee you are able to offer a service to consumers that gives a huge deal of satisfaction!

If you are in a position to invest in a new business, find out how you can become a certified Deck&FencePro Specialist by downloading and information pack below.

Deck&FencePro franchise territories available

North Island


New Plymouth

Tauranga (existing resale)

Wellington (existing resale)

South Island


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GaragePro is not a standalone franchise opportunity, rather a brand offered by either our GroutPro, Deck&FencePro, and Prep&PaintPro franchisees. That said, there may be areas where we do not have franchise coverage where we may be able to offer an installer agreement to approved applicants.

For details about full franchise opportunities download an information pack for one of the franchises mentioned above, otherwise contact us directly if you would like to discuss becoming a GaragePro installer.

Grasspro is not a standalone franchise opportunity, rather it is a brand offered by our Deck&FencePro franchisees. That said, in some areas where we do not have franchise coverage we may be open to offering an artificial grass installer agreement to the right individual.

For details about a full Deck&FencePro franchise, please download an information pack from the Deck&FencePro franchise page. If you would like to discuss becoming a GrassPro installer please contact us directly.

Prep&PaintPro is our residential and commercial painting business. Our franchisees build a business providing a full project management service to customers from initial quote to completed job, using experience sub-contracted painters. Unlike a sole painter only being able to earn from the hours he/she works, Prep&PaintPro franchisees will have multiple jobs on the go at any one time and leverage each labour hour.

Perhaps you are currently a painter who is wanting to get off the tools, or a well organised project manager in another trade? We are looking for quality conscious individuals who are highly organised with excellent people skills, who must be able to source and manage their own team(s) of professional painters. We’ll teach you everything from marketing your services, quoting jobs, finding and managing your ‘subbies’, and everything in between.

If you are in a position to invest in a new business, find out more about Prep&PaintPro by downloading an information pack below.

Prep&PaintPro franchise territories available

North Island


South Auckland



Hawkes Bay


South Island






Simply enter your details below to instantly download your FREE information pack.

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Here at The ProGroup, Gill and I have two passions – we love helping Kiwi’s make the places they live into places they really love. But we also love being part of helping other awesome Kiwis build rewarding and flexible lifestyle businesses for themselves. If you’ve a desire and commitment to grow a something special for yourself, we’d love to show you how by joining our ProGroup family.

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