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Protect your investment – A grand old lady – Auckland

Tuesday 19.May.2020

New Zealanders are proud homeowners and for most of us our home is our largest and most important asset.

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Protect your investment – A grand old lady – Auckland

Tuesday 19.May.2020

New Zealanders are proud homeowners and for most of us our home is our largest and most important asset.

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Protect your investment – A grand old lady – Auckland

Tuesday 19.May.2020

New Zealanders are proud homeowners and for most of us our home is our largest and most important asset.

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Restore the tiled areas of your home to their former glory

Keeping your grouting looking great isn’t easy. But you shouldn’t let bad grout come between you and loving the tiled areas of your home. From cleaning tile and grout, recolouring old grout, replacing damaged grout, replacing mouldy silicone, to complete shower and bathroom overhauls, GroutPro is here to help. We use the very latest in cleaning and restoration technology to bring your tiled areas back to their original beauty, and protect them for years to come. We also have solutions to protect new grout so it looks newer for longer.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Most people don’t realise that without proper protection and periodic maintenance, tiled surfaces very quickly become dirty, damaged or mouldy. Most tilers aren’t interested in maintenance. Most commercial cleaning companies don’t have the specialist cleaners, sealers or equipment to carry out tile and grouting care and repair. But GroutPro specialises in restoring tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty. We use specialised deep cleaning solutions and high pressure water to clean all surfaces whether inside or out. We then use suction on these surfaces to remove chemical residue and make sure it doesn’t attract more dirt. We can tackle even the dirtiest surfaces. Efflorescence, hard water deposits, rust stains, grout haze, mould and mildew, calcium build-up, we can deal with them all. And we recommend carrying out a periodic deep clean for all your domestic or commercial tiled floors.

Grout Recolouring, Sealing, and Replacement

Grout Coloursealing is GroutPro’s unique flagship service. It’s specifically designed and developed to bring your dirty old grout back to life and make it look brand new again! Grout is porous and has to be sealed following installation to prevent moisture soaking in. Unfortunately, tilers rarely do this. So over time, the grout becomes stained by cleaning products, spills and general wear and tear. It’s incredibly difficult to remove the staining through cleaning alone. That’s why Colourseal recolours the grout and seals it in a single step. We have 89 different colours to choose from and we can even custom mix or colour match. When we’re done, your grout will look completely rejuvenated and revitalized, and will be stainproof to boot.

If your grout is in poor condition there may be no choice other than replace it. Regrouting is our bread and butter and we use the right techniques and products for each job, including recommending sealing brand new grout to protect it.
For wet areas such as showers and outdoors, Epoxy grout has become the industry's recommended product GroutPro has been trained to be specialists in its use.

Damaged Tile Repairs

Tiles can become loose, chipped or cracked and GroutPro has a number of methods to repair or disguise damage.  In the event that some tiles are beyond saving, (it does happen) we can remove and replace individual tiles without damaging the surrounding ones. We’ve got plenty of experience repairing large tiled surfaces with significant damage. So no job is too big (or too small) for us.

The first question we will ask though is "Do you have any spare tiles?"

Silicone Removal and Replacement

Silicone is applied to the joint between the floor and the walls, around your bath, shower, basins and kitchen sink to give a flexible waterproof seal. It helps protect your home against water damage. But only if it’s done right. Applying silicone requires training and practice so it’s a job we take very seriously. In fact, we specialise in silicone installation and the removal and replacement of old silicone. Our products are designed for wet areas, come in a range of colours and are all environmentally friendly.

Showerdome Installation

We think the Showerdome is a genius invention and we are a nationwide preferred installer of them. It cuts down on steam, mould and mildew in your bathroom and means you are less likely to need an extractor fan to get rid of moisture.  You won't need the water temperature to be so hot, and you’ll enjoy a clearer mirror when you step out of your (warmer) shower. Showerdomes are made in New Zealand and there are a range of shapes and sizes to suit most existing and new shower cubicles.

While Showerdomes are perfect for acrylic showers, GroutPro doesn’t recommend installing them above tiled showers because they don’t allow moisture to escape the enclosure, which increases the chance of mould growth in the grout and silicone. Tiled showers need to have the moisture removed from the environment using an efficient extractor fan.

Shower glass Restoration

You’ve probably tried every off-the-shelf product that promises to clean your shower glass. But, like most people, you’re also probably less than satisfied with the results. The hard water staining and spots is caused by mineral deposits in the water and can be really difficult to remove?

GroutPro’s professional glass restoration process gently removes all the staining from your glass to a near new finish. We use an environmentally friendly and family safe product to remove calcium hard water staining. It’s non-corrosive and contains no acids, solvents or harsh abrasives. Once it’s clean, we can coat the glass with a professional anti-stick protective coating called Enduroshield that wil keep your glass looking great for years.

We’ll have your shower glass looking like it’s just rolled off the factory line – and at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Total Shower Refurbishment

If it’s total transformation you want, we can do that too. While they look fantastic when new, tiled showers are the perfect environment for bacteria and mould growth. Has your grout turned a pinky orange colour? That’s bacteria. Has your silicone turned black? That’s mould. The reality is that tiled showers require periodic refurbishment. And that’s exactly what we do. Using all the techniques listed above, we’ll restore your shower to its former glory. In fact, we’ll have it looking better than the day it was installed.

Get the ‘good as new’ look for your outdoor timber

We believe that your outdoor space should feel just as homely as your interiors. But decking and fencing can quickly look old and worn. Moisture, mildew and UV rays all take their toll on your outdoor timber – leaving it looking old and neglected. But the good news is that we can help transform your decking and fencing and even help you look after it long-term. We’ll repair, restore, stain or paint your timber and have it looking as good as new. And then we can provide periodic maintenance visits to keep it looking tip top for years to come.

Restore and Maintain Your Timber Decks & Fences

We use the very latest professional products to extract years of dirt, grime, mould, dead wood fibres and contaminants from the grain and surface of your decking. All our specialists are professionally trained and certified so you can trust that your surfaces will be safely and effectively cleaned and restored to their original beauty.

Our stains and paints are made to the highest specifications. Unlike many commercially available DIY stain products, ours are made from a linseed oil base for a superior finish and better protection. They’re also all made specially for us, manufactured here in New Zealand and designed for Aotearoa’s unique climate and weather conditions.

Restore and Maintain your Garden Furniture

Love entertaining? Then you’ll know that having comfy and clean outdoor furniture is a must. Garden furniture comes in a range of hard woods such as kwila or teak and some softwoods like pine. And although they all look great, they also need regular maintenance to stop rotting, mould and lichen growth and to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. And that’s where we come in.

Deck and Fence Repair and Rebuild

If your deck or fence is broken or missing boards, palings or rails, we can help too. Whether they need some minor surgery or a major re-build, your local Deck&FencePro specialist is ready to replace, repair and return your deck or fence to their prime. Some of our franchisees can even build brand new decks or we can always put you in touch with trusted builders that can do this work with us.

We’ve recently partnered with Biform ( to offer composite decking as an alternative to timber. This product is made from fully recycled materials (30% plastic, 70% waste timber fibre) and is the only composite decking which has BRANZ approval. With a 25-year warranty it requires no maintenance other than a light clean once in a while.

Cedar Garage Doors

Timber garage doors look fantastic when new but our harsh sunshine and UV rays soon deteriorate the surface and quickly become faded and ugly looking if you don’t maintain them regularly. The original factory varnish breaks down and the cedar beneath turns black as mould takes hold.

Cedar is a very soft timber and can be damaged easily if care is not taken.

Using specialist cleaning products followed by a light sand, we are able to remove the old coatings and resurface the timber. We then recommend using a high quality penetrating oil stain to protect the timber.

Transforming your garage into a space that really works for you.

You may be wondering why you aren’t on the GarageCarpetPro website. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have simply dropped the “Carpet” from the name because we offer so much more than just garage carpet these days.

Garages can be so much more than just a concrete floor to shelter your car or a handy but cluttered storage space. Are you thinking about a space for the kids, a home gym, a warm place to do laundry, home cinema, a man cave, or just a more homely space for your vehicle of choice, then call us. We’ll help you turn your garage into a warmer, safer and cosier space for the whole family.

Garage flooring

We believe in nothing but the best for your garage. That’s why our standard carpet is manufactured in Europe. Ask us to show you the difference between our carpet and other suppliers who manufacture in China. You’ll very quickly see (and feel) that ours is thicker, stronger, and more dense. We provide a ‘truly affordable’ solution that will last longer and feel cosier. And you’ll be happy to know that we install our carpet to the AS/NZ standards for floor coverings which includes preparing the surface appropriately to ensure a long-lasting installation.

We’ve got plenty of other garage flooring options too. From Luxury Vinyl Planking for a “mop-able” surface in your laundry alcove or under your workbench, to SwissTrax – a high-end interlocking plastic tile system that looks fantastic under that classic car and is preferred by car buffs world-wide (

Garage door insulation and garage door seals

Maintaining the right temperature is key to making your garage a great living space. Most garage doors are made from very thin steel which has no insulating properties at all.  We’ll protect you from cold in winter, heat in summer and noise all year round with our retrofitted insulation products. As well as creating the perfect extension to your home, these insulation methods are environmentally friendly and will also reduce your energy bills.

Our garage door insulation acts like a big duvet cover for your sectional garage door - it is made from the same stuff. It has the highest thermal rating on the market and is manufactured in New Zealand with 100% fully recyclable polyester that contains no harsh chemicals (unlike glass-fibre based products), is flame retardant, moisture resistant and won’t release toxic fumes when burnt.

To really keep things cosy we use CleverSeal (a unique brush based sealing system) to close the gaps around your garage door ( This unique garage door seal blocks out drafts, insects, rodents, and debris. The brushes work seamlessly with the profile of your garage door to give you the perfect seal. There is a Cleverseal system for  virtually any garage door type (sectional, tilt, roller).

If you’ve got rain water entering your garage due to a poorly graded driveway or strip drain, we can also help. We’ll install a bespoke alloy dam to the entrance of your garage door which provides a watertight seal to 18mm above floor level. It’s perfect for those garages at the bottom of a sloping driveway.

Ceiling storage options

We partner with Stealing Spaces ( to supply and install high-grade, heavy duty, ceiling mounted storage racks. Another great way to cut down on clutter. Ceiling racks are the ideal solution for bulky sports equipment and seasonal items like chilly bins, winter/summer clothes, tents, and suitcases. And with weight capacity of 250kg, they’re also super strong.

Storage solutions, cabinets, racks and benches

If garage storage is a priority for you then talk to us about the Gladiator Storage System ( As a trusted partner of Gladiator Garage (part of the US-based Whirlpool Group) we can recommend and install the best storage solution for your needs. From cabinets and cupboards, to workbenches, shelving and wall-mounted hook systems – Gladiator products are all manufactured with high-quality steel, ensuring years of trouble free service. We can design a GearTrack channel system so you can hang items where you want them, or you could go for the GearWall that lets you place the components absolutely anywhere. Our garage storage ideas really are endless so get in touch for a no obligation free quote.

Loft ladders

Lofts (especially the ones above garages) are always very handy. But we often don’t use them simply because they can be tricky to access. Our Keylite Loft / Attic ladders give you easy access to your roof space. Much safer than your average ladder through a standard sized manhole, Keylite ladders have the benefit of being the only loft ladder with an insulated hatch door. The clever design also ensures that the ladder doesn’t come crashing down on you as you open the hatch.
Call us for a quote to fully install a ladder into your ceiling space.

Everything you want from grass, without any of the hassle

There’s an old saying: “A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself”. That’s because any patch of grass needs a lot of TLC. But that’s not always enough to keep it looking good. GrassPro’s synthetic grass looks amazing and comes with none of the drawbacks of ‘real’ grass. It’s easier to clean and always green. It looks immaculate and will stay that way. It’s perfect for gardens, early childhood centres or even small commercial projects. All our grasses are made by leading manufacturers and are certified by major sporting bodies like FIFA, IRB, FIH and ITF. Our grasses are UV stable, contain no nasty chemicals or heavy metals and are guaranteed for 7 years. No need to cut or fertilize it. Just enjoy…

Grass in your backyard

GrassPro is a great solution for anyone who wants to spend more time enjoying their backyard instead of ‘managing’ it. We can supply and/or install a range of specialist synthetic landscaping grasses to suit your needs and taste. We’ve got plenty of variations in blade thickness, length, texture and shade. And whether you’re transforming a traditional Kiwi backyard or covering a townhouse patio area, we’ll help you achieve the best results.


Synthetic grass is perfect for early childhood centres and day cares. It’s a safe and healthy surface for children who want to enjoy outdoor play areas to the full. It also doesn’t get muddy, so kids won’t slip as often or dirty their clothes. Well, not as easily anyway…

Our synthetic grass is also the ideal solution for playgrounds with raised play equipment. We can meet all health and safety requirement by installing your grass with a shock absorbing sub-surface (Shockpad). It complies with New Zealand regulations for Critical Fall Height and will keep kids safe if they ever fall from up high. We’d also recommend installing shock absorbers under your slide or climbing frame at home. It’s just extra peace of mind.

Commercial Areas & Landscaping

Artificial grass is a perfect solution for commercial spaces - to give a bit of green without the hassle of mowing contractors, or trying to keep it looking great. It can be used indoors and out, and it extremely hard wearing.
Now a go to solution for many Council authorities to liven up swathes of concrete, artificial grass can also be used to give interest to any commercial space.

Some of our specialists can extend their expertise to major landscaping services and offer backyard landscaping ideas if needed.

Putting greens

Are you a keen golfer? Why not have a putting or chipping practice area in your own garden? You’d be amazed at what we’ve been able to squeeze into even the smallest spaces so golfers don’t have to head to their club to hit a few balls. We can even combine a landscaping grass with our specialist golf putting green grass to create some “rough” around the edges for practicing your “up and downs”. Great news for your handicap…

Making your property beautiful again

We believe that perfectly painted walls provide the first critical impression of a welcoming home. But the interior and exterior surfaces need regular maintenance in order to look their best. You’ve probably noticed that keeping paint in good condition is time consuming and – if high or tricky to access – can be challenging. At Prep&PaintPro we look after every aspect of your painting projects. We work with you to achieve the look and finish you want and we keep the lines of communication open throughout the process.

We are project management and customer service focussed. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive and detailed written quote. We’ll also advise you on the correct paint types for each part of your job preferring Dulux paint for its quality and reputation within the trade. There are no hidden costs and our quotes include all paint, materials and labour. The price we quote is the price you pay. We also have a ‘paint now, pay later’ finance option. Our painting services are backed by a peace of mind 5 year warranty.

Painting Your Home – Indoors

When it comes to painting, preparation is key. That’s why we take the time to do it right. Our attention to detail, professionalism and openness ensures your job is completed to the highest standards – without the hassles commonly experienced when dealing with ordinary painting contractors.
Whether you need to paint your walls, paint your ceilings, or paint your window trims, we will do a quality job with no stress.

Painting Your Home – Outdoors

Whether you need one wall painted, your roof painted, or the entire exterior of your house stripped and painted, our team of experienced exterior painters have the skills, equipment and knowledge to get the job done right – first time, every time.

Our team are trained to identify lead based paints and will advise the best way to safely remove them. We will also arrange any scaffolding that may be required in order to complete your project safely.

Our painting quotes are done at no cost and will be thorough with no hidden extras. We can even offer you interest free finance through our association with Latitude Financial Services (GEM Visa).

Painting Your Roof

An old, worn or damaged roof doesn’t always mean it has to be replaced. Painting is often the best way to restore your roof’s appearance and extend its life span – all without the costs of an expensive replacement. We’ll make your roof look as good as new and save you a whole lot of money. We prefer Dulux paint for its quality - ideal for use on galvanized and corrugated iron, steel, concrete tiles, fibre cement, clay or decramastic tiles. It also comes in a range of colours to suit any home.

Commercial Painting

Business premises need to feel homely too, right? That’s why we also specialise in commercial painting. We’ve helped transform offices, retail premises, factories, hotels, retirement homes and more. Whether it’s the interior or exterior you need to refresh, our painters will get the job done quickly, professionally and discreetly. We use low-odour paint and will leave your space clean and tidy. We’ll even work around your trading hours so it’s ‘business as usual’ for you and your customers.

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