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Protect your investment - A grand old Lady - Auckland

Maintenance is the key

New Zealanders are proud homeowners and for most of us our home is our largest and most important asset. We keep the lawns mown, we dabble in the garden, we blow the leaves off the driveway, all to add to the aesthetics of our property. Too often though, one of the biggest jobs that we don’t always get to as regularly as we should is the actual house itself. It’s a big job to clean the exterior of a house. It’s an even bigger job to paint the house – I’m talking all summer. However, both house cleaning and house painting fall into the essential maintenance category of home ownership.

The paint on your home does a lot more than simply give your home character and look super trendy. A good paint finish is essential to help protect your home against the elements. Paint protects timber from breaking down and rotting because it creates a barrier between the timber and the weather. You often notice soft and spongey timber around windows and sills where the paint has cracked, allowing water to seep in eventually allowing rot to set in. Unfortunately, we often find that homes with significant external wood rot will also show signs of internal damp and mould. Mould in your home can become a serious health concern, especially if you have asthma or allergies. A well painted exterior is important to the internal dryness and air quality of your home.

This lovely old villa in Kingsland has stood the test of time. At over 100 years old she has already had a number of paint jobs. This time, it’s time to get rid of the “Grandma-Green” and bring her up-to-date with a crisp grey and white scheme. The homeowners were absolutely thrilled with the job and know that spending the money on a professional paint job is one of the best ways to ensure ‘her’ long term durability and therefore protect their hard-earned investment.

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