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Rod MacKay

A bit about myself

I became a GroutPro specialist early in 2010 working across Auckland’s North Shore.

I have since accumulated a lot of experience and skill with tile & grout restoration work.

In particular “Recovering a deteriorated tile shower” is the most satisfying work especially if it prevents a much more expensive full-on re-build.
Over time I have enjoyed steady referral work from happy customers, plumbers, builders, real estate firms, retirement villages and even other tilers.
The restoration work we do really help’s ‘Making the place you live, the place you love’.

Give me a call and let’s discover what’s the best option for you.

Contact me directly:

Here is a sample of my own work.

Wet carpet outside bathroom

This is what water can look like if it leaks out of a tiled shower through the porous grout.

It can get beyond the waterproof membrane and damage the carpet and subfloor before anyone really notices. Not an event an insurance company will want to help you with.

The benefit of remedial work to replace the shower grout with an epoxy grout, new silicone,  recolouring and sealing low contact grout can produce wallet saving results… if you get to it early enough.

Ensuite makeover

Another beautiful bathroom but with shower grout and tile glue failing causing some tiles to become loose.

The original sand-based grout is porous and a moisture trap especially in wet areas. A trap for bacteria and mould to penetrate deep within the grout.

While using bleach as a mould cleaner it causes  grout discolouring, weakening the grout and glues and can even result in a leaky shower.

So another successful GroutPro rescue mission was achieved by replaced the grout in the shower base and walls with exceptionally durable Epoxy to provide long-lasting results.

Grand Villa

A level entry tiled tiled bathroom in a grand Devonport villa

The iron oxide in the dark grout had completely failed causing moiture egress to a carpeted area.

All the grout and silicone had to be replaced with highly water and stain resistant Epoxy grout.

Another satisfying result.


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