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Think you need to replace your bathroom? Think again!

Auckland North Shore.

Here is a bread and butter job for a GroutPro specialist. You would think this tiled bathroom had reached the end of its life with its mosaic sized tiles and acres of stained and mouldy grout. Time to start again right?

But wait! To deconstruct and rebuild this bathroom you would be looking at around $20,000 and weeks of work. Just think of the multiple trades required: plumbers, tilers, electricians, builders, – all requiring coordination.

In reality, there was nothing wrong with the bathroom fittings and fixtures, no leaks in the shower area, it was just looking tired. GroutPro’s unique restoration process brought this bathroom back to life for under $3000. A deep extraction clean, regout of the shower base replacing the grout with waterproof and stain-resistant epoxy grout, Coloursealing of the grout on the walls and the main bathroom floor to restore the colour and provide a stain-proof surface, replacement of the silicone sealant, and restoration of the glass shower screen.

The results can easily be seen. This now looks like the day it was installed decades ago, but now with much better`water and stain resistance.

And the best part of he process is that the shower was out of action for less than a week.

If you are considering major bathroom renovations, talk to GroutPro before you commit to more than you actually need. Our alternative could save you thousands of dollars and weeks of inconvenience.

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