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GroutPro Christchurch

Darryl Pocklington

GroutPro Christchurch

I have been a GroutPro specialist since 2009 and am a locally-owned business servicing all of the Canterbury area.

I have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of tile & grout restoration/aftercare services and thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of transforming customers’ “tired” tiled spaces back to something they are proud of whilst adding value to their homes. I also offer the GaragePro brand of services.

I believe in delivering a very high level standard of workmanship every time, honesty and reliability being other important core values to my business, working with our customers to provide best possible outcome each and every time.

I’d absolutely love to help you with ‘Making the place you live, the place you love’

Feel free to contact me directly.

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Here is a sample of my own work.

Total Shower Refurbishment in Canterbury

This shower had grout missing on the shower base, and the grout on the wall was discoloured and had mould in the grout and silicone.

The best solution was a complete “Shower Makeover” which involved replacing the porous cement-based grout on the base with a highly water and stain resistant Epoxy grout, replacing all of the silicone on the walls and base after treating the mould in the joints, and recolouring and sealing the existing grout on the shower walls.

The result was a shower that looked as good if not better than when it was first installed and had the highest level of water and stain protect possible.

The only other alternative to achieve this would have been a total regrout of the walls which would have significantly increased the cost and risked damage to the tiles or waterproofing.

Mosaic Benchtop revived in Rangiora

The grout in this mosaic tiled benchtop and splashback had severely discoloured over the years and the customer wanted it revived. It was cleaned and the grout was recoloured and sealed using our unique Colourseal product. This solution did not require removal of the existing grout so there was no risk of damaging any of the small tiles.

It looked just like new again!

An easy to maintain tiled kitchen floor in Christchurch

This kitchen floor had discoloured grout. Being a high traffic area, this is common in all homes as grout is very porous and is rarely sealed. The customer had tried all sorts of cleaning products and spent a lot of time trying to get the grout clean with very little outcome and found it to be a time-consuming ongoing task which she didn’t have time for.

The grout was cleaned with our specialised cleaning products and equipment then our Colourseal product was applied to the grout resulting in a “as new” looking tiled floor and providing a highly water and stain resistant grout surface making ongoing maintenance much easier for the customer.


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