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GroutPro Central Auckland

Mick and Kerry Kelly

GroutPro Central Auckland


A bathroom is one of those spaces that can make you go ‘Wow’! And it is our mission here at GroutPro to ensure every one of our clients has a phenomenal ‘Wow’ when they walk into their bathroom!

We are specialists in all aspects of bathroom restorations. From shower and tile refreshes to silicone and repairs… we do it all.

With more than 30 years of experience under our belts, we are able to provide solutions that minimise restoration costs and maximise the value of your property.

As a family run business based in the Auckland region, we love to build strong relationships with our clients and deliver outstanding results.

With a master tradesman managing every project and a team focused on high quality outcomes, we transform your bathroom and make it look brand new again.

So, if you are ready to transform your bathroom, get in touch with us today.


We now also offer the RainWaterPro brand – supplying and installing rainwater harvesting systems for residential properties.

Rainwater is becoming an important natural resource as an emergency or supplementary supply of water in times of drought, or council imposed water restrictions. Auckland is becoming more susceptible to these restrictions due to storage reservoirs drying up over summer months.

RainWaterPro can supply and install a system to catch water off your roof, pre-filter it, and store it in a tank for use in the garden, or as an emergency supply. We also install gutter screening systems protect your gutters from blockage,  and to ensure your harvested water is as clean as possible.


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Here is a sample of some of our own work.

Teenager’s Shower in Central Auckland

A household full of teenagers combined with porous sand-based grout meant this shower did not stand a chance against mould and stubborn grime!

Our team gave the whole shower a make-over with a deep clean, sealing and replacing the grout, then finished off with fresh new silicone and glass treatment.

What a difference!

A Typical Tenanted Shower Restoration

Tenanted properties are often subjected to significant wear and tear with poor cleaning and maintenance and this property was no different.

The tiled shower had sand-based grout which is very porous allowing moisture, dirt, and bacteria to penetrate deep within the grout. This caused mould to form discolouring and undermining the grout causing it to crack and crumble resulting in a leaky shower.

Our team whipped in there between tenants to give the bathroom a facelift and added protection against future damage, safeguarding the client’s investment property for the future.

Using the unique GroutPro shower restoration process we cleaned, repaired, and sealed the wall grout and replaced the grout in the shower base with exceptionally durable Epoxy to provide long-lasting results. We buffed and polished the shower glass to remove stubborn watermarks caused by mineral deposits in the water, and then added a protective coating to keep it looking as good as new.

They were so happy with the results!

Tiled Patio Restoration

After a long hard winter of neglect, this patio was in desperate need of some TLC!

Our team worked their magic to clean off the deeply ground in dirt using special chemicals and our powerful Turbo Wash equipment then sealed the results with a clear penetrating sealer to ward off future staining and discolouration.

Next, they future proofed the area by removing the old, stained, and cracked sand-based grout and replaced it with fresh durable Epoxy that will repel dirt and flex with any minor ground movements.


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