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GroutPro Manukau

Jay Burman

GroutPro Manukau

As a certified member of The ProGroup, Jay is your local ‘Pro’ for a range of services.

Born and raised in Takanini/Papakura, I am now bringing up my own family in the same neighbourhoods as I grew up in. After graduating with a Bachelor of Construction and spending 10 years in Project Management/Estimating roles I hung up my mouse and keyboard to do something more exciting with my time and get my hands dirty. Being part of The ProGroup has provided me with a chance to ‘be my own boss’ and reap the rewards for providing quality service and workmanship, along with a lifestyle that allows quality time with the family.

I specialise in Grout and Tile work, from cleaning and re-sealing to removing and re-instating (usually with Epoxy). Dirty shower glass, not a problem. Mouldy silicone, see you later. Need a showerdome installed, I’m your man.

I also offer the GaragePro brand of services – suppling and installing Garage Carpet and Garage Door Insulation among other things, and can help with Artificial grass and Rainwater harvesting systems. This is really satisfying work and I love the clients’ reaction once complete.

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Here is a sample of my own work.

Transformed floor tiles - Ardmore

Sascha brought me in to look at the house he had just purchased. Beautiful house, but dated and dirty flooring. What can GroutPro do???

With a deep clean using our specialised equipment and some ‘Colourseal’ to the grout, the tiled areas were transformed. This process was much, much cheaper than the alternative of removing and re-tiling, or even just re-grouting.

Full bathroom refurbishment - Flatbush

Pat purchased this apartment and it needed a lot of work. We gave the whole bathroom a spit and polish (not literally). Shower base regrouted with epoxy, shower walls cleaned and Coloursealed, shower silicone removed and replaced, shower glass restored and protected, bathroom floor cleaned and Coloursealed.

Thinking he was up for a full bathroom renovation, Pat was stunned with the end result saving him thousands.

Epoxy regrout of shower base - Papakura

Suspecting there was an issue with her shower, Kathryn contacted Jay who confirmed things weren’t right. The tiler had used cement grout on the shower base and it was now cracking and crumbling. The remedy was simple, remove the failed grout and replace it with Epoxy grout. Epoxy is stronger, harder wearing and stain resistant making it the only choice for shower bases!


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