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Five Tips for Looking after Your Beautiful Tiled Shower

Keep your shower sparkling

Did you think that when you installed your tiled shower it would be maintenance free? Huh! I did! After all tiles are like glass so nothing sticks to them, right? Ahh, wrong! Tiled showers look awesome but require more maintenance than acrylic shower boxes. Minerals in the water as well as soaps and other chemicals can etch the surface of the tile or stone, oils and body fats provide a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria, as does the warm moist atmosphere left over from daily use. So what to do?

  1. Ventilation is key. If you have an extraction fan – use it. If you don’t, open a window or the bathroom door. If you do open the door, be sure to whistle.
  2. Dry off your shower after each use to remove the water from the surfaces. A rubber squeegee or slide works wonders.
  3. Get your grout professionally sealed so it is no longer porous – grout just comes like that.
  4. Use a PH neutral cleaner every week to remove soap build-up and other contaminants.
  5. Don’t use so called “spray and walk away” cleaners as they will etch the surface of your tiles. Just saying!

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