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Why Garage Carpet is a great garage flooring option

Most new homes these days have carpeted garages

Carpeting your garage floor may seem an extravagant idea and not particularly useful in a working garage situation. It is however, one of the best flooring options for your garage. There are a number of obvious benefits to using specialist garage carpet as a flooring option.

  1. By carpeting your garage floor you are insulating it against the cold, warming up both your garage space and in fact, your entire home.
  2. Garage carpet is better in a garage than carpet squares as these tend to twist with the motion of your car driving in and out.
  3. Because garage carpet is synthetic, it is water-proof so you can drive in and out on those rainy days without fear of ruining it. People who re-use offcuts from their house carpet in their garage soon find they have damp and mould developing, giving off that awful musty smell. Garage carpet doesn’t do that as it does not hold moisture.
  4. If the kids have come in with their muddy footy boots or ridden in with wet and dirty bikes, garage carpet can be cleaned easily. Every now and again, give it a good rug doctor or even a water-blast to freshen it up.
  5. If you love wood-working and have your lathe set up in the garage, it’s easy to either vacuum up or blow the wood chips and sanding dust off the carpet too. You can easily blow the leaves away that creep inside the garage as well.
  6. Putting garage carpet down gives you more options for using your garage differently. Maybe you’ll leave your gym equipment set up now that’s its warmer and more comfortable. Or bring the projector in for the kids for a fun Friday family night.
  7. Garage carpet absorbs more noise than a concrete floor so is good for those noisy family activities – the teenage garage band, the banging and hammering of the amateur inventor, the giggling girl’s sleep over, the lively table-tennis competitions…
  8. And at the very least, it looks fantastic and adds a whole lot more value to your home.

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