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GroutPro Hawkes Bay

Kevin Higginson

A bit about me

Born and raised in Hawkes Bay, I’ve mostly worked on the tools and led great teams.

Formerly in the joinery/kitchen cabinetry trade and producing premium Education furniture to NZ and international markets. Safety, quality, cost, delivery and the happiness of my staff and clients are the primary goals.

When I had the opportunity to “Be my own Boss” as part of the GroutPro family, those same skills and goals were a natural fit.

Our specialist restoration service focuses on cleaning, repairing or replacing your dirty-broken tiles, failing-stained grout, mouldy silicone or polishing your cloudy shower glass.

I also offer the GaragePro brand of services.

There is immense satisfaction seeing a client’s delight and thrilled reaction to their finished space.

SO if you know you’re not happy with your space and want to add value to your home

Feel free to contact me directly.

Contact us directly:

Here is a sample of my own work.

Stained Grout in Kitchen - Taradale

This kitchen floor like many had stained and dirty grout from years of “cleaning”.

What most people don’t realise is that cement based grout is porous and when they clean the tiles by wet mopping most of the time they are just pushing dirty water onto the grout and allowing it to soak in.

We found the original light grey grout colour under the fridge and after a good clean and colour sealing the grout lines using our specialised systems we gave the Kitchen floor a fresh new look as well as making the grout water and stain proof.

A Huge difference.

Rental Property Shower Glass – Hastings

The client wanted top dollar for this 1960’s rental and had already invested in fresh paint and new carpet but the cloudy and stained shower glass let everything else down.

We firstly used our proven method of cleaning and polishing out the water staining and soap deposits from the shower glass and then treated it with an industry leading coating which protects the glass for years to come. One of the pictures is looking out from the shower with the door closed.

See if you can guess which one.

“I Hate my shower” – Havelock North

“My shower base has mouldy silicone , the grout is dirty cracked and missing in places ,the tiles have some sort of white stains and while your at it can you do something with the shower glass?”

The best long term solution for a shower base regrout is to remove and replace with epoxy grout which is 99% water and stain resistant. White stains (efflorescence) in tiles and grout is common but difficult for clients to remove without our industry specific equipment and chemicals.

The new silicone was colour matched to the new grout and while we were at it we restored the shower glass door and return.

The client was very happy.


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