Shower Glass Restoration in New Zealand

The shower is one of the most used areas of your home. This means that over time, shower glass can become stained and etched by the minerals in the water supply. While you may think that replacing the glass is your only option, you can save money on replacement costs and opt for restoration instead.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the main benefits of restoring glass surfaces—and how GroutPro can help as professional shower glass specialists.

Advantages of Shower Glass Restoration

If you’ve tried every product and cleaning hack to remove scum, stains and water spots, professional shower glass restoration is a great solution. Here are the main advantages that people see from shower glass restoration.

  • Save time cleaning in future, as shower glass restoration reduces the effort of ongoing maintenance.
  • Save costs associated with shower glass replacement. Restoration will also reduce the potential for future damage and consequent repair costs.
  • Save the environment and keep your shower glass out of the landfill unnecessarily.

Importance of Shower Glass Coating

While our specialists can certainly bring your glass back to life, it’s important to protect against future buildup and water spotting as well. Unprotected glass will always degrade—bringing you back to square one, as you consider whether to replace or restore once again.

In a single application, our Enduroshield Professional coating will create an invisible barrier on the glass to repel hard water minerals and soap scum. Being anti-stick, the benefit of this is that your shower will stay much cleaner for longer, and will be easier to clean when you do need to give it a scrub. Our shower glass coating provides a durable and slick finish.

Note that Enduroshield Professional is a much longer lasting product than the DIY version available to the public. DIY products require re-application every three months, whereas Enduroshield professional is guaranteed for many years.

Types of Glass Damage

Glass is sensitive to damage, and can easily become discoloured, stained, cracked or scratched. The level of severity can vary from mild to severe. Here are the most common types of glass damage that our specialists have dealt with in their years of experience.

Hard Water Stains

By far, hard water stains are the most common culprit when it comes to glass damage. This is because when water droplets are left on the glass, the mineral deposits etch into the glass in the shape of water drips. This can result in a hazy look, which is very stubborn to remove.

Soap Scum Stains

Like hard water, soap scum has a filmy white or grey appearance—and is also the result of mineral deposits left on the glass surface. Calcium stearate and magnesium stearate react with hard water, creating a chalky and filmy residue that can prove very difficult to clean.


Scratches can be unsightly, tarnishing an otherwise pristine piece of glass, and are usually caused by over-aggressive cleaners. The severity of scratches can range from being invisible to the naked eye, all the way through to being the product of graffiti. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to remove scratches from glass so care must be taken when cleaning to minimise this risk of damage.

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Why choose GroutPro?

If you’re looking to bring that sparkle back to your glass, GroutPro is qualified to deliver with great results. Our technicians have experience repairing and restoring glass shower screens all over New Zealand.

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  • Why can’t I get the water marks off my shower glass?

    Water spotting is caused my minerals such as calcium, lime, and iron in the water supply fusing to the microscopic pores of the glass. This happens when the water droplets are left on the glass after showering – the water evaporates leaving the minerals. Over time these minerals block the clarity of the glass. Specialist abrasive products (and a lot of elbow grease) are required to remove these minerals without damaging the glass. In most cases we can restore 80%-90% of the clarity, but occasionally the glass is unable to be restored.
    The best way to minimise water marks is to dry the glass after each use.

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