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Failed deck stain - Christchurch

Restoration required

A number of years ago I stained our wooden deck and fences with an off-the-shelf stain. The deck was looking pretty shabby and worn and even though I’m not the biggest DIY guy in the world, it didn’t seem like too hard a task. But being the novice I am, I didn’t do much preparation, just a quick wash down and then a couple of coats of stain. Sweet! The deck looked good for all of about a few minutes. That’s what my wife said anyway. The weather in Christchurch can be pretty harsh, both summer and winter. I reckon I saw the stain fry off in summer and then bleed away in winter.

In a couple of seasons we were back to where we were with the deck. So, we called in the professionals from The ProGroup and in no time at all, they had transformed the deck back to its ‘nearly’ original look. And they don’t take shortcuts – they use quality products and equipment for both the preparation and the finishing of the deck. Money well spent in my wife’s opinion (and more time for golf for me!).

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