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Get the ‘good as new’ look with a clean and refinish, or have a new structure built

We believe that your outdoor space should feel just as homely as your interiors. But decking and fencing can quickly look old and worn. Moisture, mildew and UV rays all take their toll on your outdoor timber – leaving it looking old and neglected. But the good news is that we can help transform your decking and fencing and even help you look after it long-term. We’ll repair, restore, stain or paint your timber and have it looking as good as new. And then we can provide periodic maintenance visits to keep it looking tip top for years to come.

Or maybe you want a new deck or fence built. Have you tried to get a builder to commit to a small job like a new deck or fence? They are too busy building houses. We can help with that too.

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Restore and Maintain Your Timber Decks & Fences

We use the very latest professional products to clean your deck or fence of years of dirt, grime, mould, dead wood fibres and contaminants from the grain and surface. All our specialists are professionally trained and certified so you can trust that your surfaces will be safely and effectively cleaned and restored to their original beauty. Deck cleaning is a specialised process and if done wrong can damage the timber.

Our deck stains and paint products are made to the highest specifications. Unlike many commercially available DIY wood stain products, ours are made from a linseed oil base for a superior finish and better protection. They’re made specially for us, manufactured here in New Zealand and designed for Aotearoa’s unique climate and weather conditions. Our oil based deck stain is the best product out there because it is able to be maintained, unlike some well marketed DIY products available that are almost impossible to remove when they degrade.

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Restore and Maintain your Garden Furniture

Love entertaining? Then you’ll know that having comfy and clean outdoor furniture is a must. Garden furniture comes in a range of hard woods such as kwila or teak and some softwoods like pine. And although they all look great, they also need regular maintenance to stop rotting, mould and lichen growth and to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. And that’s where we come in.

Once the timber has been cleaned and sanded, our linseed oil stain will make it look like it has just left the factory.

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Fence & deck cleaning, repair and rebuild

If your deck or fence is broken or missing boards, palings or rails, we can help too. Whether they need some minor surgery or a major re-build, your local Deck&FencePro specialist is ready to replace, repair and return your deck or fence to its prime. Some of our franchisees will even build brand new decks or we can always put you in touch with trusted builders that can do this work with us.

The latest innovation in decking and fencing are composite materials. Decking and fencing boards made from sawdust and resin to provide a maintenance free surface – never needing to be stained or painted, and often built on an aluminium frame.  We have partnered with some great suppliers to offer these solutions.

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Restore Cedar Garage Doors

Timber garage doors look fantastic when new but our harsh sunshine and UV rays soon deteriorate the surface and quickly become faded and ugly looking if you don’t maintain them regularly. The original factory varnish breaks down and the cedar beneath turns black as mould takes hold.

Cedar is a very soft timber and can be damaged easily if care is not taken.

Using specialist cleaning products followed by a light sand, we are able to remove the old coatings and resurface the timber. We then recommend using a high quality penetrating oil stain to protect the timber.

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New Deck and Fence Builds

A new deck or fence can add value to your property. Most builders are not interested in this work – there are too many houses being built to keep them busy.

In most regions our team can build new structures that do not require council consents (usually decks lower than one metre, and fences replacing existing ones), or they have partnered up with a local builder who is prepared to do this type of work and can tackle more complicated structures.

Decks can be constructed and finished with pine, Kwila, Vitex, Garapa, or the newer Composites (timber particles and resin combined to give a weather resistant finish), and fences can be traditional timber or prefabricated systems made from all sorts of materials.

Book a quote today to talk to one of our specialists about options. We apologise that this service may not be available in some locations, but we will endeavour to help.

Deck Restoration Services

Your deck is the place where you entertain guests or relax with a good book—as well as extending your house into the elements. Decks play a full-time role for your property, and can add significant value. To preserve the life of your deck, it’s important to protect it against adverse weather: this will allow you to feel comfortable, safe and proud of your home.

Deck&FencePro delivers specialist, high-end deck restoration; returning decks to almost good as new, no matter their style, structure, size or age.

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  • Should I use oil or water-based deck stains?

    Water based deck stain is effectively very thin acrylic paint, so thin you can see though it. The problem with it is that it clogs up the pores of the timber making it extremely difficult to maintain because the old residue is virtually impossible to remove. We use good quality oil based wood stain that nourishes the timber and can be recoated time and time again.

  • Why does my kwila deck have splinters?

    Hardwoods such as kwila come from tropical climates that have a lot of moisture in the air. New Zealand’s harsh climate and intense sun quickly dries out the timber causing it to splinter. There is very little that can be done to remedy this, and kwila is becoming less popular as a decking timber.

  • Do you use a waterblaster to pre-clean the timber?

    We use a specialist eco-friendly solution to loosen dirt, contaminants, and dead timber cells followed by a controlled pressure wash to sluice this residue away. Our team are very skilled at this process. Using a waterblaster alone can damage the surface of the timber because the water jet needs to be very close to the timber to have any effect.

  • How do I maintain my restored deck, fence, or furniture?

    A wood stain generally requires a top up coat every 12-18 months to replenish the nourishing oils and UV blockers. We can arrange an on-going maintenance schedule with you following the restoration process that will include a light clean followed by a recoat of the wood stain. In between scheduled maintenance, a mild detergent is all that is needed to remove any bird droppings or spills, and a spray with a moss and lichen inhibitor during winter can also help. It is important to not use harsh deck cleaning agents that may remove the oils contained in the stain. Painted surfaces generally last longer than stained ones but are more susceptible to abrasion.

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