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There’s an old saying: “A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself”. That’s because any patch of grass needs a lot of TLC, and that’s not always enough to keep it looking good.

Remember the old ‘Astroturf’ fake grass you would see around years ago? Bright green and obviously plastic? AstroTurf was that first generation product had it’s place on an American football field, but no so much for landscaping.

Modern artificial grass is nothing like the original AstroTurf. GrassPro’s synthetic grass looks amazing and comes with none of the drawbacks of ‘real’ grass. It’s easy to clean and always green – but not too green. It looks immaculate and will stay that way. Artificial grass is perfect for gardens, early childhood centres or even small commercial projects. All our grasses are made by leading manufacturers and are certified by major sporting bodies like FIFA, IRB, FIH and ITF. Our grasses are UV stable, contain no nasty chemicals or heavy metals and are guaranteed for 7 years. No need to cut or fertilize it. Just enjoy…

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Grass in your backyard

GrassPro is a great solution for anyone who wants to spend more time enjoying their backyard instead of ‘managing’ it. We can supply and/or install a range of specialist synthetic landscaping grass to suit your needs and taste. We’ve got plenty of variations in blade thickness, length, texture and shade. And whether you’re transforming a traditional Kiwi backyard or covering a townhouse patio area, we’ll help you achieve the best results.

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Artificial grass is perfect for early childhood centres and day cares. It’s a safe and healthy surface for children who want to enjoy outdoor play areas to the full. It also doesn’t get muddy, so kids won’t slip as often or dirty their clothes. Well, not as easily anyway…

Our synthetic grass is also the ideal solution for playgrounds with raised play equipment. We can meet all health and safety requirement by installing your grass with a shock absorbing sub-surface (Shockpad). It complies with New Zealand regulations for Critical Fall Height and will keep kids safe if they ever fall from up high. We’d also recommend installing shockpad under your slide or climbing frame at home. It’s just extra peace of mind.

Kids love playing on fake grass. It is warm, dry, and perfect all of the time. Just like carpet.

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Commercial Areas & Landscaping

Artificial grass is a perfect solution for landscaping of commercial spaces – to give a bit of green without the hassle of mowing contractors, or trying to keep it looking great. It can be used indoors and out, and it extremely hard wearing.
AstroTurf is now a go-to solution for many Council authorities to liven up swathes of concrete, synthetic grass can also be used to give interest to any commercial space.

Some of our specialists can extend their expertise to major landscaping services and offer backyard landscaping ideas if needed.

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Artificial grass for putting greens

Are you a keen golfer? Why not have a putting or chipping practice area in your own garden? You’d be amazed at what we’ve been able to squeeze into even the smallest spaces so golfers don’t have to head to their club to hit a few balls. We can even combine a landscaping grass with our specialist golf putting green grass to create some “rough” around the edges for practicing your “up and downs”. Great news for your handicap…

Synthetic putting greens are a no brainer. Even top golf courses use them as an all-weather practice surface.

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  • What does artificial grass cost?

    There is no easy answer to this. The biggest cost of an artificial grass installation is the preparation of the sub-surface. This usually involves the removal of the existing turf and topsoil, and installation of compacted base course to provide a flat and stable surface for the grass to be laid on. Often some sort of retaining is required to stop the sub-surface from subsiding. As you can imagine this is labour intensive.  Every site is different but our specialists can talk you through what is required for your unique situation, which will dictate the overall cost.

  • Does the artificial grass come with a warranty?

    Yes, our grasses come with a 7-year manufacturer warranty, subject to correct maintenance procedures! It is essential that annual maintenance is done to ensure the grass is kept in tip top condition.

  • Will the artificial grass have joins?

    This depends on the size and shape of your site. Any joins are made to be as unobtrusive as possible.

  • What happens where the artificial grass meets a pathway or garden?

    Each job is different, but generally a timber border is installed along pathways to attach the grass to, and long staples are used to anchor the grass along gardens, etc. Your GrassPro specialist will talk you through exactly how the fake grass will be installed.

  • Is artificial grass children and pet friendly?

    Absolutely. Our artificial grasses contain no nasty chemicals or heavy metals.
    It is important to ensure that any pet droppings are picked up on a regular basis, and regular hosing down of the areas that business is done to minimise any lingering odours.

  • Will GrassPro do all the site preparation?

    If that is what you want. Your GrassPro specialist will talk you through the requirements and the cost associated with preparing the area and you can decide whether GrassPro does the entire job, or whether you can do some of the prep work yourself to save some costs.

  • Will weeds grow in my artificial grass?

    Weeds are not able to grow up through the artificial grass due to the fact that all organic matter is removed from the surface and a geotextile membrane installed before the grass is laid. However, it is common for wind-blown and bird dropped seeds to land on the synthetic grass which may then sprout in the infill sand. These weeds are easily plucked out as they are just sitting on the surface. Weed sprays can be used to control this.

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