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What is a Franchise?

A franchise is an arrangement where a person, or franchisee, is given permission to run their own version of an existing business for a set period of time. A franchisee first purchases the franchise for an initial fee. The original owner, or franchisor, and the franchisee then enter into an agreement. This franchise agreement outlines the responsibilities that are expected of both parties in the running of the business. This may include any licensing obligations, or rules of operation set out by the franchisor. The ProGroup gives franchisees access to training and other support, as well as ProGroup systems and branding.

Benefits of Investing in a Franchise

A franchise for sale is a great investment if you are looking for a reliable way to make an income and be your own boss. Starting your own business from scratch takes a lot of time and money, with no guarantee that you will find success. A franchise is an opportunity to invest in a company that has already put in the hard work and built a proven business model. As a franchisee for ProGroup, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that great brand recognition, excellent systems, and a loyal customer base can bring. 

The ProGroup has franchises for sale across NZ because the demand for our services is high, and the risk for our franchisees is low. With ProGroup, you can build your own business in your local area with great marketing, financial, and customer support. The ProGroup’s technical training will also help you hone your DIY skills; you don’t even need years of business experience to purchase a ProGroup franchise. With our training and system support, we will ensure you have all the business skills and resources you need to thrive. Your success is our success!

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GroutPro provides a range of tile and bathroom services. We take on the small maintenance jobs, like regular grout and tile cleaning, that other builders or cleaning professionals provide. GroutPro’s maintenance can deal with mould, rust, calcium build-up, and other unsightly problems. We also take care of replacing and repairing damaged tiles and grout in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and other locations. GroutPro also specialises in sealing and recolouring grout, restoring it and ensuring that it remains functional and beautiful for years to come. GroutPro is a nationwide preferred installer of Showerdome, and are the experts in shower glass cleaning and maintenance. GroutPro can also tackle bigger jobs, like full bathroom renovations and restorations, and are epoxy grout specialists.. 

GroutPro franchise opportunities offer our clients a service they can’t get anywhere else. It is the perfect franchise opportunity for hard working individuals with a great attention to detail when it comes to DIY projects. ProGroup will provide franchisees with all the training needed to maintain, repair, and install tiles, as well as training in providing other bathroom renovation and  installation services. You can also add an additional income stream by providing GaragePro services and products.


If you want to be part of a franchise that focuses on restoring, repairing, and upgrading outdoor entertainment areas, Deck&FencePro is the franchise opportunity for you. Deck&FencePro offers a service that can’t be recreated by using DIY products, taking care of everything a customer needs to have a beautiful outdoor entertainment area without the hassle of regular maintenance or repairs. That includes restoring garden furniture, sealing cedar garage doors, as well as maintaining all kinds of decks and fences. Deck&FencePro can even complete deck and fence builds that don’t require council approval. Deck&FencePro even offers a range of specially formulated deck wood stain and sealants, designed for New Zealand weather conditions. With these great products, your customers will be coming back year after year. 

While some building experience is useful for those interested in Deck&FencePro franchise opportunities for sale, ProGroup will provide all the necessary training for maintaining decks and fences. All you really need is a positive, customer-oriented attitude and the passion to run your own business. Those who are keen on expanding their skills and offering more services will also be able to train to provide GaragePro and GrassPro services. You can even learn to offer LouvreRoofPro, which allows you to fit our brand of custom aluminium motorised louvred pergolas.


Prep&PaintPro franchise opportunities are a great choice for those looking to help their customers get their homes and businesses looking good, inside and out. Prep&PaintPro offer painting services for a variety of customers, from individuals restoring their family homes, to large companies reinvigorating their workspaces. We can prep and paint walls, window trims, and ceilings, as well as exterior painting to restore the structural integrity of roofs and other painted surfaces. Prep&PaintPro provides all the necessary equipment to complete our customer’s jobs, including scaffolding and high quality, low odour paints. We also work with business to ensure that any painting takes place outside work hours, or in a discreet manner. 


Prep&PaintPro is perfect for any painters looking for a franchise for sale in NZ that will allow them all the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. However, it’s also a great option for someone with project management experience who has great attention to detail and a friendly attitude. ProGroup will provide training to help you examine painted surfaces and decide the best painting and sealing options for each job. You will also learn how to identify lead paints in older buildings and be given training on stripping and repair options.

Should You Become a Franchisee with ProGroup?
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No matter what your skill level or amount of experience, ProGroup can help you build a successful franchise business today. Our GroutPro, Deck&FencePro, and Prep&PaintPro services, as well as our LouvreRoofPro, GaragePro and GrassPro services, are in high demand across NZ. Becoming a part of a ProGroup franchise is a great opportunity to work for yourself and build a business you’ll love in your local area. Our excellent training and support systems will take all the hassle out of building your career, and our national recognition will ensure you have plenty of happy customers as soon as you get started. 


Learn more about franchise opportunities and how to get started today. 

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