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Transforming your garage into a space that really works for you.

Garages can be so much more than just a box with a concrete floor to shelter your car, or a place to throw your junk. If you thinking about a space for the kids, a home gym, a warm place to do laundry, home cinema, a man cave or rumpus room, or just a more homely space for your vehicle, then call us. We’ll help you turn your garage into a warmer, safer and cosier living space for the whole family with our low-maintenance, cost-effective garage carpet.

Our premium Garage Carpet is the best quality around – we don’t do “cheap”, and our installation process is second to none – we don’t take shortcuts. We have other flooring options as well, if garage carpet is not your thing. Plus, we have our own designed and NZ manufactured garage door insulation, draft seals and loads of garage storage solutions from Gladiator and Mancave Direct.

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Garage Carpet and Other Garage Floor Coverings

Check out our variety of garage carpets and vinyl flooring solutions from and find the best fit for your garage interior. Request a no-obligation free quote and transform your garage flooring.

Garage door insulation and garage door seals

Maintain the right temperature in your garage and ensure it’s protected and safe from the elements with CleverSeal ( Request for a free quote to assess how we can provide you with the best garage door insulation.

Storage solutions, cabinets, racks and benches

If garage storage is a priority for you, then talk to us about our extensive range of wall-mounted and freestanding storage systems. We have partnered with  Gladiator (, and Mancave Direct ( who provide highquality products to tidy up your garage space. From solid steel cabinets and cupboards, to workbenches, shelving and wall-mounted hook systems, we have an extensive range of options to create an awesome garage space.  Our affordable garage storage ideas really are endless.

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Loft ladders

Lofts (especially above the garage) are always very handy. Having safe and proper access to your loft brings a new meaning to having a proper garage storage space.

Why Work With GaragePro?

Whether you’re looking to install Garage Carpet, introduce a functional storage system, insulate your garage, or even gain access to your roof space via loft ladder, GaragePro has you covered. Our supplies are quality-made in Europe, with no nasty chemicals or formaldehyde. In addition to a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll also get a lifetime zippering and delamination guarantee. GaragePro is an experienced and reliable team of installation specialists located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and across New Zealand. Contact GaragePro today for more information.

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  • Where is your garage carpet made?

    Our standard garage carpet is made in Belgium, by the biggest manufacturer of versatile needlepunch carpet in the world. Beware of cheap Chinese carpet that is made with a very low GSM and lightweight resin backing. Some of these carpets are literally transparent when held up to the light and will not last long-term. We do have a Chinese option available, however it is of very high-quality rivalling anything on the market.

  • Does the garage carpet come with a warranty?

    Yes, your newly-installed garage carpet comes with a lifetime zippering and de-lamination guarantee, plus a comprehensive colour-fast and manufacturing warranty for 5 years! Our garage carpet installation conforms to the AS/NZS 2455.1 2007 standard for floor coverings which confirms the sub-surface is prepared correctly and ensures a long-lasting fit.

  • Can I drive my car on the garage carpet?

    Of course you can…it is garage carpet after all. If your car is wet, the moisture will simply drain through the carpet onto the concrete and evaporate as normal. When your garage carpet gets dirty it can be cleaned with any carpet cleaning machine. As the carpet is polypropylene, it will not absorb any moisture or dirt. You may notice when it is new that your car will leave indentations in the pile. This is normal, just like the legs of a table leave indentations in other types of carpet (textiles). Over time this will become less noticeable as the carpet flattens more evenly.

  • Will the garage carpet have joins?

    Yes, the average double garage will have one or two joins. All of our joins are ‘double cut’ and glued and are almost invisible! It should be noted that due to manufacturing process, there may be a slight difference in shade between each strip of carpet. This is normal for synthetic carpets.

  • What happens at the front of the garage?

    All of our garage flooring installations are finished at the door with either a rubber transitional strip that is glued in place, or an alloy one that is screwed in place. This finishes the job off and protects the front edge of the garage carpet.

  • Does the door insulation add weight to the door?

    Yes, it adds up to 14kg to a double garage door. This will likely require the door to be adjusted to rebalance the pre-tensioning springs. We can arrange a technician to make the required adjustments to cater for the extra weight if necessary.

  • Where is your door insulation made?

    Our insulation is made specifically for us, in Auckland, from 100% recycled polyester.

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