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Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Is Artificial Grass suitable for Pets?

We are often asked whether artificial grass is suitable to have in the backyard if you have pets, especially dogs. Over the years we’ve laid numerous artificial lawns for people and their pets. This blog should answer most of the questions you have if you are a pet owner and are also considering artificial grass.

The biggest question!  What happens when my dog does doggie doos on the grass?

Every pet owner knows this is the inevitable and not so pleasant aspect of dog ownership. Just like cleaning up after your dog on a regular grass lawn, you will have to clean up after the dog on the artificial grass as well. Number twos will need to be removed and are easily picked up on the synthetic grass without digging into the soil substrate. Many dogs can be taught to both pee and poop in one particular spot. Some dog owners also encourage their dogs to ‘go’ on command, but that’s a story for another day. However, it can be a very useful tip for dog owners with artificial grass.

Dog urine is very high in nitrogen – that’s the reason why dog owners often have dead patches on their regular lawn – the nitrogen kills the grass making it difficult for new grass to develop. When the dog has peed on your artificial lawn, it will simply need to be hosed off with water. A well-laid artificial lawn is completely free-draining so there should be no puddles of free-standing water. Where a dog consistently pees in the same spot, there is a higher concentration of urine that can begin to smell. This is no different to having a regular lawn and consistent watering off should generally do the trick. If you are worried, there are products that can be bought to break down the urea and eliminate the smell.

The best option for everyone is to walk your dog daily, encourage them to pee or poop on their outing, be a responsible dog owner and pick up the poop but you won’t need to worry about the pee. Any business done off-site has to be a win-win for you, the dog and your artificial lawn.

Is artificial grass safe for my pets?

Absolutely. Our artificial grass contains no nasty chemicals or heavy metals that could be toxic to your pet. Our grass is made by world-wide leading manufacturers and is certified by major sporting bodies like FIFA, IRB, FIH and ITF. Our grasses are UV stable and guaranteed for up to 7 years.

Safety is not an issue – a regular lawn is more likely to take a hammering from your dog than your artificial lawn. No more digging up the grass and dead brown pee patches. Another win-win.

 What other benefits are there for using artificial grass with pets?

 One of the best things our dog loves about our artificial lawn is how warm and dry it is.  Because it is so free draining it doesn’t hold the moisture as much as a regular lawn does and I can put the dog outside not very long after it has rained. It is such a boon for our old dog who loves to lie on the warm grass during the cooler winter months. And he doesn’t come in traipsing mud all through the house.

Artificial grass does heat up some in the middle of summer so it’s good to provide shade for your dog  –  of course New Zealand is notorious for its harsh sun. Surprisingly, dogs can get sunburnt just like a human can.

We have also found it a lot easier to keep control of fleas in our dog’s coat. Fleas are almost unable to live in synthetic grass so it’s one easy way to control the never-ending cycle of flea reproduction.

At the end of the day our pooch hasn’t told us he’s unhappy with the artificial grass we have used to replace our horrible old patchy lawn. We love it and he loves it because we have even more time for walks with him.

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