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Motorised Louvred Pergolas with Roller Blinds

Make best use of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor shade structures come in many forms but the latest trend is louvred roof pergolas. These allow you to control the amount of sun or shade you want by adjusting the angle of the louvres in the roof structure. When closed the louvred roof gives protection from sun and rain, but when open you have the benefit of full sun.

Louvred pergolas come in many forms from basic DIY kitsets with manual winder controls from the big retailers, through to bespoke fully automatic structures with remote controlled louvres and roller blind side walls. Usually made from aluminium, care must be taken to choose a structure that will withstand the wind loading in your area.

If you have an outdoor area (deck or patio) that gets minimal use due to the weather, a louvred pergola could be the solution for you, effectively giving you an outdoor room – protecting you and your expensive outdoor furniture. Structures can be free-standing or extend from the house.

The ProGroup has partnered with Kiwi Custom Pergolas offering fully motorised structured to fit your space.

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