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Why does silicone go mouldy in my shower?

Showers do require periodic maintenance

All tiled shower enclosures will contain silicone sealant. Silicone is designed to provide a waterproof seal between any adjacent surfaces and most silicones contain some sort of mildicide. These mould inhibitors break down over time, particularly in a warm, wet environment such as a shower that also contains plenty of organic matter such as soap residue and body oils.

Unless the shower is dried completely after every use (something we regularly suggest but rarely see), mould will start to grow on the silicone as it thrives in that environment. Once it has taken hold the only way to remove it is to replace the silicone. This is a maintenance process that is generally required every couple of years.

GroutPro specialises in the removal and replacement of silicone either as part of other work, or as a standalone job.

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