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A quality pergola is a beautiful and functional addition to any outdoor area, providing a shaded area for relaxation, entertaining, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. At LouvreRoofPro, our experienced team specialises in designing and building high-quality, custom louvred pergolas that can enhance the look and functionality of your home.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure with several columns supporting a trelliswork roof, either free-standing or as an extension to a house. Typically made of wood or metal, these structures can create a variety of shapes to suit many different applications, including a shaded passageway, outdoor shelter, sitting space, or even a walkway.

Designs can be simple and functional, or replete with intricate details and decorative features. No matter what style you choose, a pergola can add beauty and charm to your outdoor space.

LouvreRoofPro offers custom-built, fully-motorised louvre pergolas made from high-quality PVDF industrial-coated aluminium. At the push of a button, homeowners can adjust the louvre blades to control the amount of sunlight entering the space, creating the ideal outdoor setting, all year round.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Pergola

An outdoor pergola can enhance every outdoor living experience in a variety of ways, including:

Keep Your Backyard Cool

When you can’t find a reprieve from the sweltering sun above, a covered patio or outdoor deck pergola in NZ can also help to keep your backyard cooler. The overhead structure will create some much-needed shade, but also allows hot air to rise, offering a more comfortable environment below. This is especially beneficial if you live in a region with hot, dry summers, but want to continue enjoying your time outdoors.

Outdoor Dining & Entertaining

There’s nothing worse than having guests over for a dip in the pool or a barbeque, only to find no protection from the elements. A pergola is a great place for outdoor dining and entertaining. You can set up a table and chairs under the pergola to create a cosy, shaded spot for meals and gatherings, perhaps even expanding an internal living space.

Covered deck and patio

A pergola can provide shade and protection from the elements of your deck or patio, making it a more comfortable and usable space. You can use your pergola to create a cosy outdoor living room, complete with furniture, lighting, and decor. At the very least, this can make your outdoor space much more comfortable, especially during the hot summer months – you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot or sunburnt under a covered deck or patio.

Advantages of Aluminium Louvred Pergolas

Aluminium louvred pergolas are an excellent way to create a stylish, functional outdoor area, with several advantages over other materials available, including:

Strong Protection Against the Elements

Aluminium louvred pergolas are made from a durable material capable of withstanding incessant sunlight, as well as strong winds, rain, and even snow, making them a reliable choice for protection against the elements. In addition, you can adjust the louvres to allow for optimal airflow and ventilation, helping to keep the area under the pergola comfortable and cool in hot weather.

Modern Designs

Aluminium louvred pergolas are available in a range of modern and sleek designs, adding a stylish and contemporary touch to any outdoor space. These pergolas are highly customisable and can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences, including the size, shape and colour options. They can be designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment or to stand out as a striking feature in their own right.

Lower Maintenance

Unlike wooden pergolas, which require regular staining and painting to protect them from the elements, aluminium pergolas are virtually maintenance-free. They do not rot, warp, or require any special treatment to keep them looking their best, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice for homeowners wanting to enjoy their outdoor space without the hassle of constant upkeep.

Benefits of a Motorised Pergola

A motorised louvred pergola is equipped with a motor-driven system, allowing users to adjust the louvres electronically, providing a flexible and customisable outdoor living space that is always suitable to your needs. A simple remote control operates the motor, ensuring the ideal adjustment in the position of the outdoor louvre system – either fully opened to allow for maximum light, airflow and ventilation, or partially closed to provide partial shade and shelter.

One of the main advantages of a motorised pergola is the ability to control the amount of sunlight and airflow in the outdoor space. Homeowners find this particularly useful in hot weather, as you can adjust the louvres to provide maximum ventilation and keep the area under the pergola cool and comfortable. Motorised pergolas also offer increased protection against the elements, as they can be closed to provide shelter. In addition, these pergolas are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice for home development.

Why Should You Have an Outdoor Room?

An outdoor room can be an excellent addition to any home, providing a unique and open space for relaxation, entertaining and expanding living areas. They are also in incredibly high-demand, sure to increase the value of your home and provide a place for you to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

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Why Invest in Outdoor Louvred
Roof Systems from LouvreRoofPro?

LouvreRoofPro is a leading provider of outdoor pergolas and other outdoor structures across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and wider New Zealand. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Whether you want a simple and functional design or a more elaborate and decorative structure, we can customise your pergola to meet your specific designs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your home with a beautiful and functional outdoor pergola in NZ.

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  • Do you do maintenance on all brands of louvred pergolas?

    Sorry no we don't. We only support our own product as there are too many variations of fittings, motors, etc. Please contact the company that installed your own structure for ongoing maintenance issues.

  • Are your specialists qualified?

    Great question.

    Most of the services The ProGroup offer require no formal qualifications, but every franchisee goes through full training in the services they provide. Ongoing experience and a fantastic support network within the group mean that each of our team are true specialists at what they do.

    Some of our team also offer services outside of the core ProGroup range, and some of them do require certification or specialist qualifications. In that situation they will have the relevant recognised quals. For example we have LBP builders, plumbers, stonemasons, and gasfitters within the team.

  • What are your payment terms?

    These vary depending on the service.

    Typically lower value work requires full payment on completion. Product heavy work may require a deposit at time of quote acceptance, while longer term projects may require an initial deposit and progress payments along the way.

    The terms of your particular situation will be discussed at time of the quote so there will be no hidden surprises.

  • Who will come and do the work?

    Our specialists are all independently owned franchisees who live in your local community. Most are sole operators, who will quote the job and do the work themselves, while others may have an employee or two to help with the workload. Either way, everyone is well trained in the services they offer.

    You can expect prompt, courteous, knowledgeable trades people to help with your enquiries. And all live and work within your local area.

  • How do you provide quotes for new louvre roofs?

    We will ask for some basic dimensions from which we can provide an estimate of cost to ensure your louvre roof system is within your expected budget. If you are happy with this, we will conduct a site visit to take exact measurements and other important details to give a firm quotation.

  • What is the manufacturing lead time?

    Delivery of louvre solutions is typically 8 weeks from acceptance of quotation. We will schedule the installation when we have a firm delivery date.

  • Do you have standard louvre roof colours?

    Yes there are several standard colours, but we can also match to any paint colour you require for a small additional cost.

  • Do I need council consent for a louvre roof system?

    Most councils do not require consent for a structure under 30sqm, but we suggest you ask your local authority. Should a consent be required, it is the property owner’s responsibility to obtain it.

  • How are louvre roofs and blinds controlled?

    A multi-channel remote control unit is provided that is programmed for each component. If you have more than one louvre roof section, each is controlled by a separate channel, allowing for one area to be shaded, while the other is basked in sun. Fixed control switches can also be mounted in a suitable location. Blinds can also be controlled in a similar way.

  • Do you do the electrical work?

    No. A suitable electrical supply must be installed, and the final connection to that supply made by a registered electrician. We will talk you through the requirements during our site visit.

  • What is the warranty?

    We offer a 10-year warranty on the louvre roof system, 5-year warranty on the blinds, and a 2-year warranty on all electric motors.

  • Do you offer finance terms for your services?

    Yes - we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option through our partners at Latitude Financial (Gem Visa). We offer interest free payment terms of 6 or 12 months (some fees, terms and conditions apply).

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