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Nan's space - Canterbury

Somewhere for a nice cuppa

My Nan has one of those glass conservatories attached to the side of her house. Like many of these added in the 1980s it’s not completely waterproof, and over time has developed a bit of a musty smell. Nan doesn’t seem to mind – actually I don’t think she even notices it. She loves that space and if the sun is shining through, you can find her either knitting, sipping tea, reading or slumped asleep in her chair. It is a great little sun trap and in the cold Christchurch climate it’s a little place of refuge for Nan.


We wanted to make it nicer for her and looked at getting rugs or a carpet square to make it warmer underfoot. We eventually hit on the idea of garage carpet and a guy from GaragePro came and had a look-see. “Perfect,” he said. A Garage carpet will be a perfect choice for Nan’s space – it’s weatherproof, so if it gets a bit damp, it won’t rot, smell or stain. And even if Nan spills some of her tea on it, it’ll be okay. Thanks for helping out Nan – she loves it

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