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A true garage transformation - Tauranga

Warm and functional

We live in Tauranga and our home life is pretty typical of many New Zealand families. We have a busy household with busy children all engaged in school and club activities. As a family we love the outdoors and over the years have collected a whole heap of stuff to go with all our outdoor fun. The stuff has grown but the garage space has not and one day as I climbed over boxes, bikes, paint tins, bags of garden mix, the wheel barrow and a whole lot of other stuff to get to the beer fridge my levels of exasperation hit Defcon 2, maybe even 1. I can’t really yell at the kids or my wife because I’ve contributed to half the stuff.

I don’t have the room to create a garage rumpus room or anything like that. I just wanted to create a usable garage and some storage for all the stuff. The guys at GaragePro know their ‘stuff’ and together we made a plan for the garage, some really cool garage Storage Solutions and even carpet. We opted for the Gladiator Storage System, which is made in the US from high quality steel. They are not your basic Bunnings kit sets…they’re made to last and to hold some pretty heavy loads. The bikes and garden equipment all hang neatly on the wall now. We even added a loft ladder to tidy away some of the stuff we don’t often use.

The garage carpet is the pièce de résistance -it’s not just a practical floor covering – it’s ‘styly’ and has turned the garage into a useful room of the house. I never thought I’d be proud of my garage but thanks to GaragePro I am now.

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