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Indoor & Exterior House Painters

When you think of a welcoming home, what do you picture? A fresh coat of paint is one way to impress—whether you’re hosting guests, searching for tenants or putting your house on the market.

In order for painted surfaces to look their best however, they need to be constantly maintained. For even the most passionate of DIY painters, this can represent a solid commitment. Not only is it time intensive: it can require a lot of effort, with high or tough to reach places adding extra challenge.

This is where professional home painting services can help. Not only does this mean better results: it also means you can ask about quality paint types and colours for your home. Whether you require a feature wall to revamp your living space, or an exterior house painting facelift, there are many situations where professional house painters’ expertise can come in handy.

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Interior Painting Services

As leading professionals in the trade, we can help you decide on the colour of your interior and feature walls – based on what you’d like the space to be used for.

Our attention to detail ensures that your job is completed to the highest standard—without the hassles and stresses you’ll commonly experience with other painters. Our professionalism and transparency has made us a popular choice for homeowners: as a trusted painting company, we do a quality job whether it’s your walls, ceilings, window trims or wherever else.

You can count on our superior painters, top quality paint, efficient service, and an excellent job every time.

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Exterior Painting Services

Your home is how you present to the world! With that said, your home’s exterior should reflect the life you lead within. This is where a fresh coat of paint comes in.

For an exterior painting project to be successful, it’s important to evaluate the condition of the house exteriors and the existing surfaces—and prepare accordingly. With the help of professional painters, you can better identify what preparation is needed: as well as the best exterior paint to use for maximum protection and longevity. Based on the look and finish you’d like, as well as your other painting needs, our specialists will also advise on the correct paint type for your home’s material and condition.

Whether you need one wall painted, or the entire exterior of your house stripped and painted, our team of experienced exterior house painters have the skills, equipment and knowledge to get the job done right – first time, every time. Our residential house painters will provide an all-inclusive quote for materials, labour, and any required scaffolding or safety measures required for a high quality job.

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Roof painting

Your exterior walls could have the best paint job in New Zealand: but if your roof is discoloured and looks like it’s falling apart, the rest of your house may as well not be painted at all. The entire house must have a cohesive, professional, quality look. The good news is, an old, worn or damaged roof doesn’t always have to be replaced.

Roof painting is often the simplest way to restore your roof’s appearance and extend its life span. We’ll make your roof look as good as new and save you a whole lot of money. We prefer Dulux paint for its quality – ideal for use on galvanised and corrugated iron, steel, concrete tiles, fibre cement, clay or decramastic tiles.

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Are Professional Painting Services Worth It?

Repainting the interior or exterior of your home is a big job, and it can be tempting to try to tackle the project on your own. However, there are several good reasons why it may be worth hiring professional painters for this task.

First of all, painting can be a complex process. Interior surfaces need to be prepared properly before they can be painted, and exterior surfaces often need to be cleaned or stripped of old paint before they can be repainted. A professional painter will have the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to make sure that your home is prepared properly for painting.

In addition, expert residential painters are skilled at using a variety of different types of paint and painting techniques. They can recommend the best type of paint for your home’s interior or exterior, based on factors such as the surface material and its condition, as well as your budget. Using the right type of paint will help ensure that your home looks great and stays protected from the elements for many years to come.

Another reason why it may be worth hiring superior painters is that they can complete the job more quickly than you could on your own. Many professional painting companies have crews of experienced painters who can work together to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner, without requiring you to take time off from work or other responsibilities. This means that when you hire a professional house painter, you can rest assured that the job will get done right and on.

Overall, if you are looking for high-quality results and peace of mind when it comes to painting your home, hiring a professional house painter is likely a good investment. Whether you need to repaint the interior or exterior of your home, working with an experienced painter can help ensure that your painting needs are met (and exceeded).

Why Work With Prep&PaintPro?

Whether you’re looking for professional interior house painters, flawless exterior house painting, or a roof paint job, we’ve got you covered at Prep&PaintPro! We even offer financing in case professional painting services weren’t in your budget for this month. Prep&PaintPro is an experienced, reliable and professional team of house painters and house painting specialists located throughout Auckland. Whether you’re in North Shore Auckland, Auckland City, West Auckland, or beyond, give us a call.

We don’t just serve Auckland. No matter if you’re in Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton or elsewhere in New Zealand, contact Prep&PaintPro today for a no obligation quote.

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  • Are your specialists qualified?

    Great question.

    Most of the services The ProGroup offer require no formal qualifications, but every franchisee goes through full training in the services they provide. Ongoing experience and a fantastic support network within the group mean that each of our team are true specialists at what they do.

    Some of our team also offer services outside of the core ProGroup range, and some of them do require certification or specialist qualifications. In that situation they will have the relevant recognised quals. For example we have LBP builders, plumbers, stonemasons, and gasfitters within the team.

  • What are your payment terms?

    These vary depending on the service.

    Typically lower value work requires full payment on completion. Product heavy work may require a deposit at time of quote acceptance, while longer term projects may require an initial deposit and progress payments along the way.

    The terms of your particular situation will be discussed at time of the quote so there will be no hidden surprises.

  • Who will come and do the work?

    Our specialists are all independently owned franchisees who live in your local community. Most are sole operators, who will quote the job and do the work themselves, while others may have an employee or two to help with the workload. Either way, everyone is well trained in the services they offer.

    You can expect prompt, courteous, knowledgeable trades people to help with your enquiries. And all live and work within your local area.

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