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Artificial grass on concrete on the Kapiti Coast.

Kapiti Coast

We have a sheltered outdoor area that has a combination of timber decking and exposed aggregate concrete. The concrete in one particular corner (around 15 sqm) was really harsh underfoot so we contacted The ProGroup to see if they could lay artificial grass over it. “Absolutely” was the reply. This was a very simple process to lay the grass directly onto the concrete which would be held in place by the weight of the infill sand. No glue is required at all. An alloy transition strip was installed between the timber decking and the grass to eliminate the potential trip hazard. This area now looks fantastic giving some green to an otherwise drab part of the garden, and it feels gorgeous underfoot. The real benefit is when the real grass in other parts of the property is damp – we now have somewhere the kids can roll around all year round. They, and we, love it.

The Progroup - “making the place you live, a place you love.”

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