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Exterior house painting done right - Wellington

Correct preparation is everything.

This house was only eight years old but had faded very badly and the homeowners were very disappointed with the previous paint job. The whole house just looked dull and had lost all the appeal of having chosen a bold coloured paint. When Simon from Prep&PaintPro came and had a look at the house he was certain that the previous painters had not primed the boards before completing their top coats. People often think that pre-primed boards from the timber yard are good enough to top coat without further priming but this is not the case. A coat of primer paint serves a number of important purposes:

  • It seals the surface of the timber, which is the first line of defence against both moisture and the harsh New Zealand UV light penetrating the wood.
  • Primer also provides suitable adhesion between further coats of paint.
  • Lastly, primer can stop stains from within the wood from bleeding up to the surface paint.

A darker paint like the one these homeowners chose is more prone to fading unless prepared competently. It was no bother for Simon and his team to bring this home back to its former glory. Another win-win for Prep&PaintPro.

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