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GrassPro artificial grass transforms a small yard into a chic entertaining space

Herne Bay

The owner of this small backyard in Herne Bay wanted to create a useable outdoor entertaining space with a casual and natural feel. A grass lawn was not going to be suitable as the yard was quite small and at times shady and as a busy working professional, he was also looking for a low-maintenance option.

The crushed shell that was initially put down looked amazing for the first six months but quickly deteriorated to a trap for dirt, decaying leaves, and wind dropped weeds. The yard forever looked untidy and everyone was sick of traipsing shells inside on the bottom of their shoes.

GrassPro were called in and with the installation of a short pile artificial grass this yard has been transformed very quickly to a chic, new entertaining area. A strategically placed potted plant and jasmine creeper against the fence really opened up the ground area leaving plenty of room for the outdoor table and benches.

It’s neat and tidy and will look superb all year round.

This is one small yard with a mighty big feel.

The Progroup - “making the place you live, a place you love.”

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