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I wish we'd had it done sooner

No more mud traipsed into the house

We have three children who love to play outside. One of our most successful purchases has been a trampoline. We bought one with the netting sides hopefully to keep them safe especially as the baby at the time was one. As well as being used as a regular tramp for bouncing and seat-dropping, it’s also been used for many imaginative games – a space station protecting the Empire from alien war-ships, a pirate’s ship full of looted treasure, a fairy castle in the enchanted woods, a den full of bears and many other ideas.

The problem with children is that their games and attention frequently change or they need a bit of a check in with one of the adults inside, “Dad, I’m hungry”, “Mum, I need to go to the toilet”, “Ethan’s pushing me”, “Can we have some blankets for our tramp fort?” You get the idea. But in their haste to sort out their problem, they forget to take their muddy shoes off when they run inside for help.

Can you see it? There’s a well-worn muddy track from the tramp, over the deck to the back door and on inside the house. I’ve laid towels down, I’ve yelled, “Take your boots off, shoes off, wipe your feet”, I’ve sighed. I fought a losing battle and was so over the mud until we contacted GrassPro and had artificial grass installed under the tramp. It’s fantastic. No more mud. No more mud being traipsed inside the house. Even the dog who used to hang out under the tramp waiting for the children comes in with clean paws. Artificial grass under our tramp is a win-win for our family.

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