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Five do's and do not's for deck cleaning

How not to damage your timber

  • Do wash your deck several times a year
  • Don’t get carried away using your high-pressure water blaster – you will gouge the timber
  • Do your research and use only recommended deck cleaning products
  • Don’t use chlorine products– you might kill the mould but you’ll kill everything else as well (grass, plants, etc)
  • Do lightly sand rough boards and punch exposed nail heads
  • Don’t use a wire brush or sand your deck back to bare boards – it removes the natural oils in the timber
  • Do oil or stain the timber
  • Don’t paint it unless you love the painted finish and are prepared to keep it up on a regular basis
  • Do NOT use Cabot’s Aquadeck … you’ll regret it
  • Do keep up a regular care and maintenance regime for your deck
  • Don’t assume your deck will ever be maintenance-free


If your do’s and don’ts get too mixed up, simply call the experts at Deck&FencePro.

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