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All You Need to Know About Grout Sealing

Grout sealing is a simple but very important task that you can either do by yourself or with the help of an experienced professional. Before searching ‘grout sealing companies near me’ on Google, it’s also good to have a basic understanding of the common questions.

In this article, GroutPro covers questions such as why seal grout, can you seal over grout, should you seal grout in shower tiles and most importantly, do you have to seal grout?

What is Grout Sealing?

Grout sealer is a liquid based substance which is applied to grout found in the gaps of tiles to hold them together. Grout sealing at least once a year ensures that the grout and tiles are protected from common issues such as mould, staining, and tile, grout and structural damage.

Why Do You Need Grout Sealing?

It is a reasonable question to ask – why seal grout? Grout sealing is necessary in order to maintain your home’s: 

  • Longevity of the tiles and deeper structure
  • Sanitation 
  • Overall appearance 

Grout is made up of cement, water, and sand which is overall a generally porous makeup. This means that it has a high absorption rate of liquids and other materials. Bacteria, moisture and dirt are absorbed into the grout which causes mould and staining. This exposes it to further risks such as mould retention and structure erosion. For this reason, grout needs a protective layer to keep out excess liquids and dirt. 

Without grout sealing, moisture from water exposure can build up and penetrate deeper into the grout and tiles over time. This may call for an entire reconstruction as the grout can corrode, tiles become damaged, and/or mould will have penetrated and stained the area so much that the entire structure needs rebuilding. Reconstructing the entire area isn’t ideal, which is why grout sealing is used as a very helpful barrier to these problems.

How to Know if Your Grout Needs Sealing?

We recommend grout sealing whenever you install new grout or regrout. In some cases when asked, ‘can you seal over grout?’, the answer would be to check the level of grout damage: because sometimes it needs to be replaced first. 

If you’re wondering whether to seal grout in the shower, bathroom, and kitchen areas, the answer is yes–but areas such as living room floors are exposed to less water and won’t need it as regularly.

When to Regrout Your Tiles?

Regrouting is necessary if the grout is chipped, cracked, stained, mouldy or is loose. The method required will depend on the amount of grout damage. Sometimes grout can be patch repaired in small areas, but in other cases the grout in the entire surface will need to be replaced. 

Sealing your grout regularly ensures that you won’t have to go to the trouble of regrouting which is generally just inconvenient, time consuming, and more expensive. If you’re planning bathroom renovations, regrouting may be an economic way to transform a tiled area.

When to Grout Clean?

Cleaning grout is necessary for two reasons: 

  1. Maintenance:
    As a task involved in regular housekeeping to avoid bacteria and mould accumulation.
  2. Before applying grout sealer: 
    Grout must be as clean as possible since once the grout sealer is applied, it will seal/enclose anything on the surface such as stains. Use a baking soda and vinegar mixture with a toothbrush, and mild bleach solution for mould.

Why Do You Need a Professional?

Although it’s possible to seal grout on your own, there are many benefits to getting it done professionally. Grout sealing should be done at least once a year, but it’s understandable that not everybody has the time for this. Professional grout sealers perform the job meticulously and fast, and will leave your tiles looking brand new – with grout and tile cleaning built into one service. Methods and products used are the result of those who are well trained and experienced.

Why Choose GroutPro?

If you’ve read this far, you’ll now have a clear answer to the common question, ‘do you have to seal grout?’. The next step is asking ‘where are the grout sealing companies near me?’. If you’re in New Zealand, GroutPro is the go-to. Our team’s experience and knowledge is what makes us stand out and why our customers are never disappointed. We are known for our high standard of quality, trust and workmanship: which of course is a given here at The ProGroup.

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