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Are gutter screens any good?

There are dozens of types of gutter screen products on the market. Some simply do not work – foam blocks and whiskered brushes, for example clog up and are then a nightmare to clean. Mesh screens can work well but are permanently screwed to the guttering making removal for maintenance no easy task.

Our gutter guard was invented by a Kiwi roofing tile specialist. He needed a product he could offer his customers that worked and was easy to maintain. After testing every product available in New Zealand, he decided that none were ideal and so designed a simple alternative. This product simply springs into place inside the gutter channel, allowing for speeded removal and replacement each time the guttering needs a periodic clean. The slotted design allows the water to easily flow into the gutter while stopping leaves and other debris from entering.

He also designed a product to stop debris collecting in the valleys of the roof which adds to the overall protection of the roof and guttering system.

This really is good Kiwi ingenuity at its best.

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