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Easy tips for deck maintenance

Keep that deck looking great

There’s no such thing as a maintenance free deck, and even more so if your deck is timber.  Our long Kiwi summer is ending and now is the perfect time to do a spot of maintenance. Here are five easy tips to help you keep your deck looking great and lasting longer.

  1. Keep on top of any loose boards and secure them firmly. Punch those nail heads that have popped up over summer.
  2. Purchase feet (you only need three for one pot) or saucers to keep your pot-plants off the deck – without them you run the risk of rotting your deck.
  3. Sweep or blow fallen leaves off the deck once a week to prevent moss and lichen growth.
  4. Use a soft brush and clean your deck with an appropriate deck cleaning solution to remove mould and mildew. Hose off the solution. Only use the soft wash on your water blaster because you can easily gouge the timber.
  5. Seal your deck. Use products that the timber absorbs rather than lacquers or paints, that can crack or lift over time. Staining or oiling your deck helps protect the timber and should be done on an annual basis.

These steps will ensure your deck weathers well, especially during our wet New Zealand winters. If it’s all too much, then call the friendly team at Deck& to come and sort your deck out.

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