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Garage Carpet Buying Guide

If you’re looking to amp up your humble garage and give it a bit more life, installing garage carpet is a great way to do just that. Not only does garage carpet look good, but it also provides sound-dampening qualities – perfect for unwinding after work or whiling away the hours fixing up your automotive project of choice. 

Investing in some quality floor covering doesn’t have to break the bank either – there are plenty of affordable garage carpets available on the market today in New Zealand that combine style, value, comfort and practicality all into one product!

Why Buy Garage Carpet?

Garage carpets offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive choice when it comes to flooring your garage. They create a much safer environment than hard surfaces such as concrete or bare wood, as carpet acts as a cushion in the case of slips and falls. This is especially beneficial when you have children playing in the garage – carpet makes it much less likely that they will hurt themselves. 

Carpets are also much more comfortable to walk and stand on than hard surfaces. This can be a boon if you use your garage for activities such as light exercise or DIY projects, where you may be standing around for long periods of time. Carpets provide a softer surface that is easy on your feet, knees and back. 

Finally, garage carpets can be an attractive way to spruce up the look of your garage space. Many garages are drab and uninviting — but with the right carpet, you can make it a much more pleasant space.  You can choose from a range of colours to give your garage the perfect look.

Garage Carpet Colours

At ProGroup, we provide several colour options for garage carpets to suit any style. Our standard colour is a classic charcoal grey that looks great in any space and complements most palette choices. 

For an additional cost, there are some other colour options to choose from that can take your garage to the next level of sophistication with the best garage carpet in NZ.

Garage Carpet Materials

We understand that when it comes to carpeting your garage, you want a material that is hard wearing and waterproof. That’s why we specialise in only using carpets made of polypropylene or polyester for garages. 

Polypropylene is more hard-wearing than polyester, making it an ideal choice for any space where a lot of wear and tear is expected. These materials are the same as those found on boats due to their excellent UV stability. 

When you choose to have your garage carpeted by professionals, you can be sure that it’s made with durable quality materials.

Garage Carpet Installation Costs

Garage carpet prices in NZ can vary significantly depending on several factors. The size of the garage is a key factor in determining the overall cost, as larger garages typically require more material and labour to complete the job. 

The type and colour of carpet you choose will also affect the cost. Additionally, the complexity of the garage carpet installation can have an impact on cost – for example, if there are any tight corners or areas that require a special technique, it could add to your garage carpet cost.

When you come to GaragePro for your garage carpet needs, we guarantee transparency every step of the way. We won’t blindside you with hidden costs or last-minute price adjustments with our affordable garage carpet options.

Garage Carpet FAQs

Is Garage Carpet Resistant to Mould and Mildew?

Yes, a quality garage carpet can be resistant to mould and mildew. This is due to its hard wearing construction, which includes specialised fibres and backing to help protect the carpet from moisture.

Can Garage Carpet Be Easily Cleaned?

Yes! The carpets are also designed to be easy to clean, making it easier to prevent the build-up of dirt and moisture that can promote mould and mildew growth.

How Long Does Garage Carpet Typically Last?

Garage carpet typically lasts between 5-15 years, depending on quality and maintenance. If you invest in a good-quality carpet, it should last up to 15 years with regular cleaning and vacuuming.

Is Garage Carpet Resistant to Stains and Spills?

Yes, garage carpet is fairly resistant to stains and spills, so long as you don’t opt for cheap garage flooring. Our polypropylene and polyester carpets have a tight weave and low pile which helps in preventing dirt and other substances from becoming embedded within the fibres.

Can Garage Carpet Be Installed in Areas with Heavy Machinery or Vehicles?

Yes, garage carpet can be installed in areas with heavy machinery or vehicles, so long as the carpet is rated for heavy-duty use and that it can withstand high traffic levels – which ours is!

Can Garage Carpet Be Installed Over a Concrete Floor?

Yes, you can install garage carpet over a concrete floor. It’s important to start with a clean, dry and level surface. To ensure the best results, you should also seal any cracks or gaps in the concrete.


Garage Pro is an experienced provider of garage carpet services, with teams of qualified professionals operating across New Zealand. We have the expertise and skill to quickly and efficiently provide garage carpet solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

GaragePro’s installation process is one of the best on the market – designed to give your carpet a longer life. We make sure that our installations meet New Zealand industry standards, so fraying and joining problems are reduced or eliminated entirely. To date, we have never been asked for a callback due to an unsatisfactory garage carpet installation!Get in touch with us at GaragePro today to discuss your garage carpet needs.

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