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Restore your outdoor living spaces ready for summer

Tips for the homeowner

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about those outdoor spaces that become so important to us over the summer months. Often neglected during the cold, damp winter months, timber decking, paved patios, and hardwood furniture can suffer from moss, mildew and lichen build up that can take an age to die off naturally. If you have the time and inclination there are some annual maintenance processes you can follow to ensure your outdoor entertaining areas are ready for action.

  1. Use an eco-friendly moss removing product on all surfaces to kill any unsightly organic growth. Some of these products are “spray on and wait” which can take quite some time to work, while others are used with a scrubbing brush or pressure washer to give instant results.
  2. Be very careful pressure washing decking timber as is is very easy to damage it. A skilled operator can do wonders when used in combination with the correct cleaning solution but an inexperienced user can end up splintering the wood fibres and leaving noticeable stop/start marks in the timber that will be visible even through a stain coating.
  3. If your decking has been stained, it is very important to add a top up coat every 12 to 18 months in order to maintain both the nourishing oil levels and the UV blocking properties. Stain is essentially a tinted oil and will naturally deplete over time. If the timber has turned a grey colour, this means that the surface fibres have been UV damaged and will no longer absorb new applications of stain. A full restoration is required.
  4. Hardwood furniture also requires an annual top up coat of oil or stain to keep the timber nourished and UV protected. If this is not done the timber will dry out causing splinters, and turn an unsightly grey.
  5. Concrete pavers and pathways, once cleaned, will respond well to being sealed with a suitable concrete sealer. This will waterproof the surface and inhibit any mildew growth through the next winter.
  6. If you have artificial grass it is important to have an annual maintenance check to remove any weeds from fallen seeds, top up the infill sand levels, check any seams for movement, and brush up the pile.

If you need advice, or a specialist to do this work for you, give Deck&FencePro a call for a no obligation free quote.

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