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Help! The baby is crawling and our floor tiles are filthy.

How to keep your floor tile and grout clean.

The floor tiles in your home can be a health hazard. The baby has started crawling and there is no stopping his exploring. While your tiled kitchen floor gets its weekly mop the years of grease and cleaning chemical residue are really difficult to remove from the grout between each tile.

Traditional mopping with a bucket of floor detergent simply moves dirty water from one part of the floor to another and allows that dirty water to pool in the groutlines where it is absorbed by the grout.

Having the grout professionally sealed will make the grout impervious to grime and chemicals making the weekly clean a much more effective process, and keep those little hands safe from nasties.   It is common knowledge that most grout does not get sealed (tilers simply cannot be bothered doing it) which means it absorbs the dirty mop water you spread over it each week. Pretty gross!

There are a multitude of grout sealers available in DIY stores and tile shops, but some can be tricky to apply. GroutPro specialises in sealing grout and can offer the best advice. They can even recolour your grout if it has already become stained and then protect it from future staining.

And the best advice for the most effective weekly mopping process is to rinse the floor with a clean bucket of hot water after mopping, to pick up that dirty chemical residue, and then dry the floor with an old towel. Your tiles and the sealed grout will be sparkling!

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