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How to organise your garage space

So you can find what you are looking for.

We’ve talked with a lot of New Zealanders about their garages and many of them don’t need a teenage hang-out or a gym in their garage. They just need a garage, a real garage… for the car, to store their important “own stuff” like tools and boxes of brass fittings and golf clubs and sometimes maybe a small space for the family’s miscellaneous stuff that gets dumped there by the kids… but definitely not for yoga mats or boxes for the bring and buy. GaragePro can help with that. Here’s what you do…

  • Design the garage space first Spend some time to make a good plan for the garage. The car has to actually fit in so work around that.
    1. Look at “your stuff” then at the floor space first and decide what cabinets could be added. Think carefully about height and width. Often slimmer, taller cabinets work better in more confined spaces.
    2. Consider what wall space there is – there are lots of Garage Storage Solutions for wall hanging from hooks to pegboards to shelves. Maximise your floor space by adding some wall storage.
    3. Look up – is there space above or in an attic? GaragePro offers some cool-as suspended ceiling racks and loft ladders to access attic space.
  • Be ruthless – do a garage Marie Kondo (ask your partner) and declutter. Blokes love to keep stuff because we might just use it one day. Try hard to get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Invest in containers, storage bins and stacking boxes. Label them for easy identification.
  • Warm it up – while many garages are attached to the house they are one of the prime causes of heat loss from the home especially in winter. Ceiling and garage door insulation and garage carpet help turn your garage into more than just the dirty old garage. It’ll be a garage your car is proud to call home.

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