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Renovate your bathroom for sale.

When it comes to selling your home it is kitchens and bathrooms that make or break a deal. These are the most expensive areas to replace so if they aren’t up to scratch a buyer will immediately lower their offer by many thousands (often 10’s of) dollars in anticipation of having to refit the entire space.

While in many cases the tiles, the cabinetry, the shower frame, and other fittings are perfectly serviceable, the dirty broken grout, mouldy silicone, and water-stained shower glass give the impression that it is an old bathroom and a total rebuild is required.

GroutPro can actually refurbish all of these areas, making the bathroom look like it was when new, at a fraction of the cost of a rebuild and within a day or two meaning you aren’t without a bathroom for weeks.

When all surfaces are deep cleaned, grout repaired and sealed, silicone replaced, and the shower glass clarity restored, a prospective buyer will see the bathroom as being perfectly acceptable for a few years taking way that need to reduce their offered price.

Typically this work costs only 10% of the cost of a major bathroom rebuild. So spending, say, $1000 to remove a potential $10,000 reduction in sale price is a no-brainer.

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