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How to fix weathered wooden outdoor furniture

It can be brought back to life

It didn’t seem all that long ago since you purchased your beautiful new outdoor kwila furniture. After a couple of hot summers and many memorable barbecues it has weathered out to a silvery grey colour. You don’t mind that so much, but you do mind the mould and mildew that has accompanied the greying process. Some of the fastenings have also loosened so the chairs are a little wobbly, especially when great Aunt Mildred comes visiting. Head to the garage and find an Allen key, for a spot of tightening.  

Never fear! Your beautiful furniture is easily restored back to that original deep red colour.   The restoration process is simple … a bit time consuming and a wee bit messy but simple:

  • Tighten the fastenings. Gently sand back any rough or splintered wood.
  • Thoroughly clean the surfaces using a recommended product that will clean and kill mould and mildew and remove the dead timber fibres. Use a soft scrubbing brush to get into all the joins and undersides.
  • Leave to completely dry before finishing with your choice of stain or oil.

Restoring a set of outdoor furniture is not a difficult task, but to get the best from the job, requires time and patience. Sometimes it’s easier to call in the professionals who have both the recommended products and specialised equipment. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.

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