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What buyers are looking for in a garage

You could add a heap of value

Garages are often one of the most underutilised rooms in the home. Not always, but they tend to become the dumping ground for “stuff”  – sports equipment, awkward stuff like suitcases and chilli bins, and boxes of stuff belonging to the kids. A well-organised and clean warm garage can help turn a buyer from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’. The variety of uses for a garage now has hugely increased. Is your buyer looking for a space for a gym? Is your buyer looking for a room for woodworking equipment or a table tennis table? Let’s give them some options.

You can’t possibly have a garage that suits every purpose but what you can do is offer your buyer a set of possibilities. They may not always know what they are looking for but they certainly know what they are not looking for.

They are not looking for a dirty, cold shed with dangling spider webs. They are not looking for a bare forlorn space with no storage. Spending some time and a little money to spruce up your garage is as important as presenting the best of the rest of the house and can add real value to your home.

What you can do:

  1. Clean the garage walls.
  2. Clean the floor. Does it need improving? There are many options for resurfacing the garage floor from Swisstrax to warm, dry garage carpet.
  3. Add some garage Storage units – there’s a huge variety to consider here from re-purposed kitchen cabinets, to off-the-shelf Mitre10 or Bunnings cabinets to top of the line Gladiator systems.
  4. Use boxes, storage bins, stacking containers – anything really to organise stuff.
  5. Think about ceiling storage and a loft ladder to gain attic storage.
  6. Add insulation – to the garage door, walls and garage ceiling. A warm dry space has endless possibilities for your buyer.

  What you have created for your buyer is a possibility – an opportunity for them to use the garage space for their own needs. They do not have to start from scratch and it may be the very room in the house that helps turn the ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’.

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