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What Buyers are Looking for in a Kitchen

You may be selling your home but your kitchen’s not new – it doesn’t need to be!

You may be selling your home but your kitchen’s not new – it doesn’t need to be! Your kitchen has been used for thousands of family meals and has been full of laughter and warm memories. It also is in need of a “bit of attention”.

OK so while your not-so-new kitchen is the heart of your home you might be a little concerned by the fact that every real estate agent you know has told you that it’s the most important room in your home for a buyer. So while you don’t want to spend a bomb as you sell, there are plenty of things you can do to your existing kitchen to make it look great.

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

  1. Clean! Clean! Clean! – no matter how old your kitchen is, a buyer expects cleanliness. They will be turned off by baked on grease in the oven and fly spots on the ceiling.
    1. If you can’t be bothered to clean your oven employ someone to do it for you.
    2. What does your kitchen splashback look like? A tiled splashback can be renovated superbly and brought back to life but please call in the experts to do this. GroutPro can deep clean tiles, and recolour old grout, or re-grout to give old tiles a new lease of life.
  2. Upgrade your kitchen cabinets, don’t replace them. A new coat of paint on the kitchen doors may be just the thing to update your kitchen. Use a light colour to brighten the room. Modernise the door and drawer handles. Add a glass front to a cupboard to show off your stem wear. Maybe you can, hang kitchen cupboards higher and add wooden shelving below to show off a few well considered items.
  3. Sort your clutter and organise! There are plenty of inexpensive drawer tidies and storage containers to use. Most buyers sneak a look in the pantry so it’s important to show them a clean, well-organised space. Clear the bench of all but the essential items – even if you do use your juice-maker every day, it takes up valuable bench space and adds little charm. An interesting fruit bowl, a quirky kettle, a healthy pot plant are subtle additions that appeal.
  4. Recondition the floor – clean is best so don’t skimp on getting this done. Call in the professionals to refurbish wooden and tiled floors. You can’t look past polished tiles with clean crisp grout lines.
  5. Add a WOW factor –a splash of colour, a cool lighting feature, an integrated sound system, a fancy new kitchen faucet, trendy bar stools or an enviable kitchen appliance show your kitchen is a well loved space.

A quick shoddy renovation job is worse than showing off the kitchen as it was– it is better for a buyer to see something in its original state than a poorly executed DIY job.

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