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Painted garage floors don't last.


Painted garage floors look fantastic when they are new but they simply do not last. This Canterbury garage is typical of what we come across.

So called “speciality” concrete paint was initially the preferred option for this homeowner who was sick of the dusty concrete surface underfoot. While strong claims are made that these products (including two-part epoxy coatings) are hard-wearing, there is no paint-on coating that will withstand the chemical compounds in modern vehicle tyres. When a car is parked in the garage after a journey the tyres are actually very warm and release these compounds into the painted surface causing it to delaminate. This is why we often see a perfect painted floor with bare concrete where the tyres sit.

Only lasting a few months, this floor was touched up multiple times before GaragePro was called in to provide a better solution. Tim ground off all of the paint to ensure the carpet glue would bond to the entire floor, a requirement of the NZS standards for installation of floor coverings.

Problem solved, this homeowner now has a very resilient floor covering that is also much more comfortable to walk on than hard concrete (painted or not).

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