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Timber deck rejuvenated in time for summer in Canterbury


We have a really nice outdoor area with a fireplace and comfy seating. Living in Christchurch means we get to use the fireplace quite frequently. We love sitting out even on frosty evenings with a nice glass of wine. Perfect! As with anything around the home, on-going maintenance is required to keep things up to scratch. With summer fast approaching we wanted the deck to look fabulous for our Christmas family functions.

Tim from Deck&FencePro came and worked his magic very quickly. A lot of people like the weathered greyed-out look of timber but we don’t. We prefer a stained look because it handles the strong UV sun better and seems to weather more evenly. We are stoked to be included on Deck&FencePro’s calendar for an annual maintenance clean and top up coat. Bring on the summer sun – we are ready for it.

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