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Tropical garden paradise - North Shore

With less maintenance required

We are very proud of our tropical garden. A lot of work has gone into it over the years and we’ve finally got it to the point where with a little bit of TLC it comes up looking really good. But the look of the whole garden is completely ruined by our patchy brown lawn. A tropical garden is gorgeous and lush and we felt the lawn should be too, to really set off the garden.

To be honest we had never considered artificial turf for our lawn, especially as we also have a dog. However, GrassPro use a high quality non-toxic artificial turf that is completely safe for pets and the fact that he won’t want to dig holes in the lawn would be an added bonus. GrassPro took us out to look at a landscape similar to ours and after seeing the artificial grass down, we felt we had nothing to lose.

The result is stunning – an evergreen, easy to care for lawn that complements our own garden paradise. Everyone is happy – including the dog.

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