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Weathered pine deck makeover - South East Auckland

Treated timber still needs protecting

Radiata pine decking is one of New Zealand’s most commonly used and well-loved decking materials. It is a versatile timber, is long-lasting and a whole lot more economical than hardwood decking. This pine deck is typical of what Deck&FencePro comes across all over the country – a weathered out, mouldy, blackened timber pine deck, that has enjoyed many footfalls and bounced balls over many seasons. But it’s a complete eyesore now and quite frankly, embarrassing.

Our homeowner has not managed to keep up with a regular clean and maintenance programme, and like anything left alone for too long, the elements have finally got the better of it. Nick from Deck&FencePro had his work cut out and was thrilled with the final results produced for the homeowner. Despite the initial black look of the deck it cleaned up beautifully and was able to be finished using a Mission Brown stain. It took a number of coats because in Nick’s words, “it was the thirstiest timber deck I have ever seen.” The newly restored pine decking now makes the pine fencing look shabby, so Nick has another job to do.

Good old pine.

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