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Why Have Professional Shower Glass Cleaning?

Whether it’s a morning, afternoon or evening shower, every shower is a luxury we are lucky enough to access daily. But with regular use comes maintenance: especially if the shower is shared by multiple family members. Hard water stains, mineral and soap deposits, grime and mould can build up over time, posing a health and safety risk as well as impacting living quality.

In this article, GroutPro shares some of the main benefits associated with professional shower cleaning.

Professional vs DIY

Time Spent

One of the best things about professional shower glass cleaning services is that it saves you time and hassle. DIY is often done monthly or fortnightly as a deep clean, using soap, water, detergent and/or any other shower cleaning products. DIY cleans can end up being a lot more effort than expected since the highly porous nature of bathroom surfaces are often unforgiving. Luckily professionals are well trained in dealing with this and will save you from the trouble of doing it yourself – whether it’s a routine clean or a full scale bathroom renovation. Professionals use products that seal the glass and protect it from water build up, meaning that you’ll only need to do a basic wipe down with a microfiber cloth… once a week!


The quality finish from cleaning glass shower screens professionally vs DIY is notably different thanks to high quality equipment such as glass polishing machines, products and techniques of professionals. Glass doors often have streaks, stains, fog and hard water spots that are difficult to get out using basic cleaning products and processes. In addition to the glass itself, mould and soap scum build up in corners, edges and track. Shower glass cleaning services work with state-of-the-art technologies in combination with applying the best method to clean shower glass case by case from years of experience.


DIY shower glass cleaning ends up being quite costly. Even if you know how to keep shower glass clean, in order to reach a professional standard which will save you from having to do it so often, you’ll have to invest a fair amount in professional cleaning products. The price of glass shower cleaning services varies based on the location, level of work required, specific services needed and the time it takes.

Professional vs DIY Shower Glass Cleaning: What’s the Verdict?

When considering all these factors, it’s clear that cleaning glass shower screens is not as straightforward as we’d expect. Although DIY is definitely doable, it’s not always the most practical option when considering the cost and effort required in contrast to the benefits and one time fee of a professional shower glass cleaning job. DIY demands a daily level of commitment and a monthly/fortnightly deep clean which can take up a whole day depending on the state of it, as opposed to  a much less frequent clean if it’s done professionally. In many cases, deeper stains and quality finishes are not reached without professional-grade products and techniques.

Benefits of Shower Glass Cleaning and Restoration

Increased Home Value

The positive influence that shower glass restoration services can have for your property value is often forgotten. It involves techniques and a certain attention to detail that well-trained professionals will take into account for the purpose of maximising your chances of sealing the deal. A professional finish communicates to buyers, renters and real estate agents that they are getting what they’re paying for and creates the impression that the space hasn’t been previously occupied. The newer it is, or at least appears to be, the higher the perceived value. Who would’ve thought the simple task of shower glass cleaning could decide something so influential in our lives?

Improved Hygiene

Bathrooms are a hotspot for the build up of germs which can lead to various minor and more serious health conditions. Other than that, it’s just gross and unattractive. Without shower glass cleaning services, surfaces become a magnet for the build up of bacteria and dirt; the combination of warmth and dampness makes it particularly susceptible to bacteria growth. The longer this is put off, the more nasty it gets down the track. Sometimes the grit gets so deep into the materials that the shower glass requires a complete replacement.

Feeling of Newness

One of the best parts of glass shower cleaning services is the feeling of newness. We all know the feeling of starting the day or coming home to a shower that sparkles. The best thing about shower glass cleaning is that afterwards we often just do things to keep the area clean and nice automatically. Taking better care of our space changes the atmosphere of the home and the mood of everyone we share it with. Sometimes all it takes is this small but effective result to feel satisfied with our home, removing the need for renovation or something to a grander scale that will be much more costly and time wasting.

Avoid Future Costs

Hiring shower glass cleaning services professionally is a huge bonus to your wallet in the long run. The years of experience that professionals have means that they know best how to keep shower glass clean and won’t miss any areas. Areas that haven’t been cleaned often enough or properly will result in long-term problems such as deep staining and/or structural damage. This will require an entire glass and/or interior replacement. In the end, the one time fee for a professional is preferred since quality is guaranteed and it means not having to deal with it anytime soon after, or risking entire restoration costs.

Tips on How to Keep
Shower Glass Clean

After the glass cleaning service, you luckily won’t have to do too much shower glass cleaning to keep your shower fresh. Of course, the more maintenance efforts you put in, the longer and better the results are, so we’ll break down some tips on how to keep shower glass clean: 

  1. The daily shower squeegee is actually the best method to clean shower glass if you really want to keep it spotless. Although it’s not necessary, we always recommend it. Keep it hung up in the shower to wipe down the glass after every shower/once the last household member has finished. Next, wipe it down with a clean cloth and leave the door open for it to dry out. 
  2. If you’ve gotten the full glass sealing service then you’ll only need to give your shower a wipe down once a week using a clean cloth. 
  3. In combination with both of these methods, you can also go an extra step and spray it with water repellent or install a water softener which will overall reduce mineral buildups and thus decrease likelihood of grime. 

Why Do It With The ProGroup?

It is the mission of our friendly team at ProGroup to deliver high quality results that leave customers with a sparkling shower screen, along with grout and tile cleaning services backed by decades of experience. For all our services related to shower glass cleaning, Auckland, Christchurch and Tourang teams have got you covered. Regardless of where you are in NZ, if you’re seeking shower glass cleaning, we offer our services irrespective of location. Your worries are in our hands – we’ve got you covered New Zealand!

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