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Old slate tiles refreshed in Hamilton


Slate is a natural stone product that is extremely hard and durable, and also very resistant to water, so a perfect choice for patios and entrance ways. However, like most things, time takes its toll and if it is not maintained will lose its lustre and become discoloured and dirty. More than that though, it’s the grout that lets the side down. Over time, cement grout can become extremely dirty as it is porous and can easily stain.

 Chris from GroutPro was asked to look at some slate tiles in a small entranceway that was rather worse for wear. In places the grout was chipped and all the grout lines were really dirty. The slate tiles had a sheen of dirt coating them that no amount of tile cleaning would shift. With natural stone, you also need to be careful of what cleaning products you use. A pH-neutral product is best and it is advisable to steer clear of anything using vinegar or lemon as they can cause etching.

The owners were extremely fond of the natural textured look of the slate and were reluctant to think about changing them. Chris reassured them that with the specialised products of GroutPro the slate would “come up just mint!”

 After giving the tiles a light wash with an appropriate cleaner, Chris removed and replaced the old grout. With a finishing coat of a specialty sealing product to aid in water repellence and bring back the shine, these slate tiles will now be protected for years to come.

 A little TLC from GroutPro goes a long way and the owners are thrilled with the result.

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