Grout Color Sealing, Recoloring & Replacement

Grout colour sealing helps to prevent grout from wearing out and having its colour affected, GroutPro’s specialty. Over time, grout and be prone to the effects of wear and tear, which would require more frequent maintenance. Our colour sealing service protects the grout with a protective layer, preserving that brand-new look.

Why Choose Us for Grout Colour Sealing & Recolouring?

Grout colour sealing is GroutPro’s flagship service; the bread and butter of what we do.

Grout Colour Sealing Experts

GroutPro and our dedicated professionals are exceptional colour sealing professionals, and have experience providing grout colour sealing services to many clients in helping their grout finishes look and stay looking brand new.

High-Quality & Long-Lasting Solution

Tilers rarely apply any sealers after a tiling or regrouting project. Applying colour sealing after the grout has been applied or replaced not only helps to retain that brand-new look, but it will also gives the grout a protective layer that will make it less susceptible to wear and tear, requiring less maintenance and cleaning.

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What is Grout Colour Sealing & How Does It Work?

Here’s how grout colour sealing works and why you should get it

What is Grout Colour Sealing?

Over time, grouts can become dirty and wear out in colour due to wear and tear. Grout colour sealing acts as a protective layer that prevents the grout from being so easily affected by wear and tear over a long period of time, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. Grout colour sealing can also help to preserve the new look of any surface.

How Does It Work?

After thoroughly cleaning and rinsing of both wall and floor grout, we administer our exclusive breathable Colourseal.

This exceptional sealer serves a few purposes:

1. To bring the grout back to it’s original uniform colour.
2. To change the colour of the grout (to give a different look to the tiled area).
3. To provide a water and oil resistant coating to the grout.


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Why Work with GroutPro?

GroutPro’s unique restoration process can transform your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area. We can restore your spaces, from tile and grout cleaning to silicone replacement and shower glass restoration.

Taking these simple steps not only creates a more hygienic environment, but it could also save you thousands in the long run and can even delay the need for bathroom renovations.

GroutPro is an experienced bathroom restoration company with decades of experience under our belts. Our restoration experts have helped countless homeowners. We offer tile and grout cleaning in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton and all across New Zealand.

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  • After Coloursealing how much easier will it be to clean the grout?

    The Colourseal coating is totally stainproof. Any oils, grease, spilt wine, etc will simply wipe off with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. That doesn't mean dirt won't build up on the surface if you do not maintain it with your regular cleaning routine, but it will be much easier to maintain.

  • Are there any areas not suitable for Colourseal?

    We do not recommend Colourseal in areas that are exposed to lying water because it softens slightly when wet for long periods. This can make it susceptible to damage if scrubbed or abraded. Shower bases (that don't get dried after each use) and outdoor patios (that can remain wet for extended periods in the winter) will be much more resilient regrouted using epoxy grout.

  • How will grout recolouring hold up to dogs in the house?

    Our Colourseal is very resilient, but could be damaged by dogs claws. It is an easy process to touch up damaged spots and your GroutPro specialist can even leave you with some touch up product for you to do this yourself.

  • How can I fix stained grout?

    Traditional grout easily stains when it has not been sealed. Soap, oils, spills, and general dirt will all soak into unsealed grout, and over time is it not possible to remove the staining. GroutPro Colourseal is a coating for grout that is designed to recolour the grout (to any colour you want) and seal it to prevent future staining.

    GroutPro's Colourseal is the only grout recolourant product that is breathable meaning it can be used in wet areas such as showers. Other similar products are not breathable which means they will start to peel off wet grout.

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