Water Storage in Auckland

Water storage is an important part of ensuring a reliable water supply for households. In Auckland, we have several choices for water storage, including gardening, watering, and emergency storage options. These tanks can be used for watering the garden, and as an emergency supply during times of water restrictions or in emergencies when regular water supply may be disrupted. 

At Pro Group, we specialise in installing and maintaining these types of water storage systems. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle different types of water storage solutions. 

Investing in a water storage system is a smart way to prepare for potential shortages and ensure an additional supply of water for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our water storage solutions.

Why Have a Rainwater
Collection System in Auckland?

Having a rainwater collection system in Auckland can provide numerous benefits for both individuals and the community as a whole. First, harvesting rainwater can reduce strain on public water systems and help conserve this valuable resource. 

Additionally, collected rainwater can be used for activities such as watering plants and washing cars, reducing the need for using treated tap water for these purposes. 

Installing a rainwater collection system can also provide financial savings in the long term, as it decreases reliance on municipal water sources.  Overall, having a rainwater collection system in Auckland can lead to a more sustainable and self-sufficient community.

Water Storage Options
& How Much to Store

Some common options for water storage include storing water in jugs or barrels, installing a cistern, and digging a well. 

How much water you should store depends on factors such as the size of your household and how long you want to go without access to water. 

Ultimately, the best approach is to have a combination of different storage options so that you have access to an adequate supply of water in case of emergency.


Auckland, also called the “City of Sails,” has a population of 1.5 million and is situated on land between two harbours. The central city area contains the financial and retail district while Ponsonby and Parnell offer trendy cafes and boutiques. On the North Shore, there are more residential areas with beaches and views of Auckland Harbour available. West Auckland contains suburbs like Titirangi and Henderson which have a more relaxed atmosphere but still provide outdoor activities such as hiking or surfing. Pro Group NZ proudly services all areas of Auckland for your water storage needs.

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Why Choose Pro Group?

At Pro Group, we understand the importance of having reliable water storage for residential properties in Auckland. That’s why we only use top-quality materials for our tanks and offer professional installation services. Plus, with many years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we have the expertise to handle any of your water storage needs. So choose Pro Group for all your water storage solutions in Auckland.

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  • Are your specialists qualified?

    Great question.

    Most of the services The ProGroup offer require no formal qualifications, but every franchisee goes through full training in the services they provide. Ongoing experience and a fantastic support network within the group mean that each of our team are true specialists at what they do.

    Some of our team also offer services outside of the core ProGroup range, and some of them do require certification or specialist qualifications. In that situation they will have the relevant recognised quals. For example we have LBP builders, plumbers, stonemasons, and gasfitters within the team.

  • What are your payment terms?

    These vary depending on the service.

    Typically lower value work requires full payment on completion. Product heavy work may require a deposit at time of quote acceptance, while longer term projects may require an initial deposit and progress payments along the way.

    The terms of your particular situation will be discussed at time of the quote so there will be no hidden surprises.

  • Who will come and do the work?

    Our specialists are all independently owned franchisees who live in your local community. Most are sole operators, who will quote the job and do the work themselves, while others may have an employee or two to help with the workload. Either way, everyone is well trained in the services they offer.

    You can expect prompt, courteous, knowledgeable trades people to help with your enquiries. And all live and work within your local area.

  • Can I drink the water harvested from my roof?

    Collected rainwater is not classed as potable (drinkable), however it can be made safe for an emergency supply by adding a small quantity of bleach. For every litre of water, adding 5 drops of plain household bleach (with 4% Sodium Hypochlorite) will render the water safe to drink as per guidelines from Civil Defence).  We also have a filtration jug available that can be used to provide fully filtered water which will remove metals, minerals, and bugs.

  • How much water can be harvested off my roof?

    For every 1mm of rainfall, 1sqm of roof surface will provide 1 litre of water. So, 50 sqm of roof directing all its runoff to a single downpipe will catch 50 litres of water for every 1mm of rainfall. Remember that you may have multiple downpipes from your roof, so not all the falling rain will necessarily end up in the downpipe you are harvesting from.

  • Will there be enough pressure from my rainwater tank to run a hosepipe or garden sprinkler?

    The short answer is no unless the tank is very high off the ground. To create a pressurised supply an electric pump can be connected to the outlet of the tank, but this is only practical for larger capacity systems. A hose or garden sprinkler typically uses around 400 litre of water per hour.

  • Do I need special foundations under the rainwater tank?

    Ideally a concrete pad is the best foundation, but concrete pavers set on a compacted base course can also work.

  • What if I need more than 800L of stored water?

    Our 800 litre Slimline tanks can be connected in series for increased capacity.

  • I have tried many types of gutter guard over the years and none seem to work very well. Why is yours different?

    Our Gutter Guard is extremely simple in design and just works. Most professional guards screw to the guttering making it very difficult to remove and replace during periodic cleaning. They also often tuck up under the first row of roofing tiles, or iron, which can void the warranty on the roof. Our GBL gutter guard simply springs into place in 1m sections, so it is easy to do regular maintenance, and does not interfere with the roof at all. DIY products such as  foam or brush, clog up very quickly and are extremely difficult to clean.

  • Will the collected rainwater grow slime inside the tank and cause issues?

    If light is kept out of the tank algae will not grow. That is why our tanks are not made of clear plastic. Our installation ensures that it is a sealed system.

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