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Were our tiles always this colour? - South Auckland

Years of built up dirt

We have lived in our home for fifteen years with a bunch of children and a variety of pets. The last kid moved out a few months ago and since then my husband and I have started on that big list of a jobs that get neglected when you’re busy with family life.

However, I’ve always been a bit pedantic about cleaning and do regularly sweep, vacuum and mop the floors. We have a big tiled area through the entrance way, kitchen and family room and a few years ago my kids even gave me a steam mop for my birthday. “Thanks”.

Even though I’ve ‘diligently’ mopped the tiles, in fact years and years of tile and grout cleaning, they still never looked clean. The tiles were dull and the grout was dark and dirty. It’s a really big area and I just couldn’t face scrubbing the whole thing on my hands and knees.

I called GroutPro in to have a look and Colin said he could clean them up almost like new. I was embarrassed to think he might judge my housekeeping. Nope – he explained that years and years of residue, of grime, of chemicals, and oils build up on the tiles and any amount of mopping won’t move it, but he could make a big difference with his specialised products and equipment. I couldn’t believe the results and the first thing I said to my husband was, “Were our tiles always this colour.” They now look fantastic and it makes me feel good everyday walking into the kitchen for my morning cuppa. 

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